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Eva Bakes There's always time for dessert!

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Eva Bakes · 1d ago

Sprouted wheat vanilla chai bars

With the arrival of fall, that means it's time for chai flavors! Enjoy these sprouted wheat vanilla chai bars with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or your favorite hot beverage!Although I have ...
Eva Bakes · 2d ago

Skating Fridays

Revamped Freestyle ProgramHere is the video from my re-choreographed freestyle program. Despite my two mistakes on the axels, it felt like a strong skate.
Eva Bakes · 4d ago

Chai cupcakes with chai buttercream

Beautiful, spiced-filled chai cupcakes that happen to be made with oat milk! Plus a giveaway from Oatly below! I recently shared with you all that I haven't been drinking regular milk for ma...
Eva Bakes · 1W ago

Colored black and white cookies

Traditional black and white cookies that are jazzed up with fun colors - customize these for your next special occasion!It was a regular Sunday morning when both Addie and I were reading on ...
Eva Bakes · 1W ago

Skating Fridays

Dramatic Program VideoAs promised, here is the video of my new dramatic program. Excuse the fall at the end. I was dizzy after my spin and couldn't hold the ending pose!
Eva Bakes · 1W ago

Marshmallow filled cookie cups and a Smashmallow giveaway

Bite-sized cookie cups filled with a flavored marshmallow surprise and topped with a luscious, thick chocolate ganache! Plus a giveaway for Smashmallow flavored marshmallows!When I was young...
Eva Bakes · 2W ago

Peach hand pies

If you love pies but don't want a full one hanging around your house, make hand pies instead! These portable pies are filled with fresh peaches and are easy and fun to eat!When I asked Addie...
Eva Bakes · 2W ago

Skating Fridays

First Competition of the Season (part 2)Last week, I recapped the freestyle program from my first competition of the season. I also debuted a  new dramatic program as well.Timing-wise, the d...
Eva Bakes · 2W ago

Classic apple pie

A classic apple pie that is perfect for fall. From an all-butter crust to a cinnamon-nutmeg spiced filling, this pie will remind you that autumn has arrived!I love a good apple pie - especia...
Eva Bakes · 3W ago

Product review and a giveaway: Arctic Zero frozen desserts

Arctic Zero® is the pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts without all the fat and calories. Handcrafted from premium ingredients, it's the perfect guiltless pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strik...