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Ever After . . . My Way · 11h ago

Figuring It Out

Well I am feeling so much better today.  I have things figured out.  A lovely friend offered to help me get a washer from the city and when I couldn't work that out, I came up with a plan B....
Ever After . . . My Way · 1d ago

Oh brother!

Today was a stressful one.  My washing machine stopped working!!  Let's recap, shall we?  I am a mommy to four lovely, messy children.  One of these children is a non-potty-trained, sloppy e...
Ever After . . . My Way · 2d ago

So Happy!!

Prince Charming and I drove into a new (to us) area of the Annapolis Valley today.  He had a job interview.  The job didn't pan out but I am so thrilled to have gone down there and I foresee...
Ever After . . . My Way · 3d ago

Wordless Wednesday

Click the pic above to get to other Wordless Wednesday Participants or go check out the following links:Wordless Wednesday, Oh My Heartsie Girl, Image-In-Ing and Stacys Random Thoughts!
Ever After . . . My Way · 4d ago

I Actually Did It!

For the first time in all my weight loss journey, I actually paid and joined a weight loss program!!!  I am surprised at how excited I am!  I like the accountability of Wight Watchers!  I am...
Ever After . . . My Way · 5d ago

Trying New Things

The girls LOVED their curriculum.  They thoroughly enjoyed the artistic part and we're thrilled to be doing school together again.  I have to say, it was an awesome day doing homeschool.  (A...
Ever After . . . My Way · 6d ago


I had a surprising amount of energy today.  It is probably due to my healthier diet but whatever it is, I am happy.  I got a lot done and that felt good too.The girls enjoyed the waterfront,...
Ever After . . . My Way · 1w ago

I Love That.

I love the bond between my little girls and their big sister.  I often hear them all giggling together in her room after bedtime.  They look up to her.  They adore everything that she shares...
Ever After . . . My Way · 1W ago

Good Changes

There are some fun changes happening here.First, I got the new books for the little girls homeschooling.  I am excited to be schooling them together again and to be returning to the way we s...
Ever After . . . My Way · 1W ago


We are having yet ANOTHER winter storm.  I am getting a little tired of winter and being in the house.  We are lucky though!  We have a guy who will plow our driveway after each storm and we...