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Ever After . . . My Way · 17h ago

Birthday Boy

We had fun with Little Prince, celebrating his birthday in ways that he enjoys.  We did it in two parts so as to not overwhelm him and allow him to have the most fun possible.  It was fun fo...
Ever After . . . My Way · 1d ago


My baby boy turned six today.  He is such a sweet boy and I am SO blessed to be his mom.  He has taught me so much and brings me so much joy.
Ever After . . . My Way · 2d ago


It is my birthday today.  Prince Charming took the girls out to buy me some awesome presents and they were so excited to see me open them.  It was fun.  Let's hope 46 is a good year for me.W...
Ever After . . . My Way · 3d ago

So Cold!

It was a cold day today, but the little girls wanted to go outside anyway. They looked so cute while they played and tried to stay warm.And while they were outside, I made them hot chocolate...
Ever After . . . My Way · 4d ago


Watching my kids play outside is like therapy for me.  It makes me happy to watch my little ones enjoy the fresh air and just be carefree.
Ever After . . . My Way · 5d ago

From Us to You

Ever After . . . My Way · 6d ago


I love catching spontaneous moments of learning or teaching with my kids.  Today, when my house was abnormally quiet, I went to check on the kids.  I caught Princess Magpie teaching her baby...
Ever After . . . My Way · 6d ago

So There It Is

I went to the doctor yesterday.  I had some health concerns.  It turns out, I have too much on my plate and I am experiencing stress which is affecting my body.  I had a breakdown in the off...
Ever After . . . My Way · 1W ago

Wordless Wednesday

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Ever After . . . My Way · 1W ago


Well, our third big storm in a week spoiled my plans for today.  So I spent the day snuggled up with my kids and getting caught up on housework.  Ssssh . . . don't tell but, I kinda hope the...