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Exiled Preacher · 5d ago

Holiday reading

Exiled Preacher · 1w ago

Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus by J. Mack Stiles

Crossway, 126pp Evangelism. It's about programmes, right? Special meetings, Christianity Explored, Life Explored. Centrally organised by the church. Partly, yes. Those things have value. But...
Exiled Preacher · 1W ago

Devoted to God: Blueprints for Sanctification by Sinclair B. Ferguson

 Banner of Truth Trust, 2016, 277pp Back in the early 1990's I heard Sinclair Ferguson speak on sanctification at the Banner Ministers' Conference. The addresses made a lasting impression up...
Exiled Preacher · 3W ago


We went to see this the other Saturday. In my last film review I noted that when we go to the cinema most of the other movie-goers tend to be getting on a bit. Possibly due to our film choic...
Exiled Preacher · 3W ago

London Seminary 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

On Saturday we attended the London Seminary's 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service. I attended the seminary from 1988-1990. Former principal Philip Eveson chaired the meeting and gave a pot...
Exiled Preacher · 1M ago

Democracy, the worst form of Government

 For years to come pundits and political historians will discuss why the predicted Conservative landslide failed to materialise. Was it the unpopular Tory manifesto? The Brexit factor? The y...
Exiled Preacher · 1M ago


Given a choice between the unelectable and the uninspiring the latter got my vote. Not so much 'things can only get better' as, 'could be worse'. Much worse. 'Red Tory' has it. 
Exiled Preacher · 1M ago

A choice between the unelectable and the uninspiring

Exiled Preacher · 1M ago

Voting Intentions

No, I'm not going to try and suggest who you should vote for on 8 June. 'That's a relief' you might respond, 'I wouldn't have taken any notice anyway.'  Fair enough. It isn't really the job ...
Exiled Preacher · 2M ago


We wanted to see this in the cinema, but it wasn't mainstream enough for our local Odeon, so we had to wait until it was on the telly. A powerful film on the civil rights movement in 1960's ...