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Expat with Kids in Paris · 4d ago

Where I live: Paris in B&W

A few years back a fellow Paris blogger challenged me to post a coloured themed Paris collage. A vignette of greens was the result making Paris look very lush and verdant in the spring!Winte...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 5d ago

Food, glorious food!

Who is not complaining about having eaten too much food over the holidays? Well, if you aren't you are one of the lucky few.Spending the Christmas season south of the Alps means that the fes...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 1W ago

Ever heard of the Olive path?

How could we resist the beautiful sunshine? Spending a few days in Lugano over the holidays we were very lucky with the weather. When in Switzerland do as the Swiss, so, we stepped into natu...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 1W ago

Sun-kissed Ticino

While the rest of Europe is being battered by winds up to 140km, ski resorts are closed due to excessive snowfalls and rain is forecast across the Northern Continent, the Ticino is enjoying ...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

Expat with Kids 2017 best nine

You may or may not have seen the "Best 9 of 2017" grids popping up on your Instagram feed these past days? Well, I could not resist the trend and let the feed locate the nine most-liked post...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

Happy New Year 2018

Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

Napoli's biggest temptation: food!

As in any part of Italy, Neapolitans are passionate and quite opinionated about their cuisine. The food of this city is as exuberant as its natives. The cooking of this region aims to preser...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

The streets of Naples

After five years we have returned to Napoli to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws. Every year is a controversial visit with much expectation, a little tension but always guaranteed fascinat...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 3W ago

Merry Christmas

Expat with Kids in Paris · 3W ago

Best Christmas present...

When your cousins back home in Switzerland know how to cure your homesickness and keep you going until your next ski holiday in the Swiss Alps... Mille mercis les cousins! Joyeux Noël.