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Expat with Kids in Paris · 1d ago

Italian beach culture at its best

After having spent the last ten days observing Italians at the beach I am forever in awe of the their beach culture. They really have it "down to a t". Suntanning is a profession and beach g...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 1w ago

Only in Naples

Always on the lookout for local authors when travelling, my eyes set on an all too familiar sounding phrase during our stopover at Napoli airport: "Lessons in Food and Famiglia from my Itali...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 1W ago

Stunning Costa Smeralda

Sardegna is our summer destination this year, an Italian holiday mecca Expat boy has wanted to visit for a long time. A paradise for beach lovers and sun goddesses like myself. I did spend m...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 1W ago

Bon voyage

Ready to hit the beach... Wondering where?Stay tuned...Bon voyage!
Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

Vote for Paris' Best Expat Blog 2017

Once again my blog has been nominated for Best Expat blog in Paris 2017 by Expatriates Magazine.BEST OF PARIS is their annual campaign to find the companies, services and achievements expatr...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

Guess who's in the news?

I can't help but to feel extremely chuffed with myself today. Enjoying my morning online news fix while still lingering in bed, imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I spot my Instagram p...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

Happy Swiss National Day

Expat with Kids in Paris · 2W ago

How far can you push a brand?

Over the past six years I have been shopping for many Parisian souvenirs; as farewell gifts, as personal souvenirs, as a little attention for dinner parties or luncheon gifts but this has to...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 3W ago

My life as a proud and independent Expat woman

For my 30 year high school reunion I was asked to write about my path of life after having graduated. At first I was not so sure I wanted to share this with the wider public but then again i...
Expat with Kids in Paris · 3W ago

A stroll around Madrid

Philip Johnson, one of the architects behind the Puerta de Europa towers, is said to have proclaimed, "We must end the right angle if we do not want to die of boredom. The skyscraper is over...