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Express Training Courses · 1M ago

10 Signs that its time for a hair Makeover

Your hair has no volume. " If your hair just sits there, even after you've blown it dry, set it, or curled it, at the very least get a trim, or try some hair extensions for volume and lengh...
Express Training Courses · 1M ago

Four Top Tips to Improve Your Hair and Beauty SEO

Most hair and beauty businesses think it is not important to spend some time doing this,  some even think it's complicated or that they have to spend lots of money to pay someone else to do ...
Express Training Courses · 2M ago

Six Essential Positive Steps when Dealing with negative reviews

Got a negative review? you can attempt to rectify the situation and save face for others who may see the review (and earn some new clients in the process), or you can flip a bitch and make y...
Express Training Courses · 2M ago

Guarding your Hair, Beauty and Hair Extensions business reputation online

Dishonourable Competitive Complaints (DCC) Competitors have found a dishonourable way to rubbish another competitors name whilst promoting there own business or services. Be aware that there are many DCC complaint websites that are not policed in a...
Express Training Courses · 3M ago

What invisible force is holding your business together?

THE INVISIBLE FORCES THAT HOLD YOUR COMPANY TOGETHER I have recently read several articles about Storytelling.  I have however come to realise that the objective of a well-crafted , complete...
Express Training Courses · 4M ago

Celebs 5 most popular Hair Colours this Autumn

Are you tired of your hair style and sick of waiting for your hair to get to the length you want, sick of chemicals, sick of your unmanagable hair? sick of thin lack lustra hair? Well we ca...
Express Training Courses · 5M ago

Diva Celebs Hair Land of Extremely Long Hair Extensions Hots Up

Every Celebrity That Has Long-as-Hell Hair Right Now See how celebrities from Nicki Minaj to Kim Kardashian are all-out working the extra-long hair trend? Other stars are going X-treme long and adding inches with sweeps of butt-grazing hair.
Express Training Courses · 5M ago

How your face Shape affects the hair Extension style you chose

Hair styles, hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs should compliment the shape of your face. If you not sure about which style will be most flattering on you, use this guide to help you home in on certain looks that will compliment your best features ...
Express Training Courses · 5M ago

10 Traits That Help Kill a Potential Sale by Diane Shawe

Originally posted on Academy Soft Skill Short Courses: Learn to develop positive communication style Here are 10 tips on how not to leave 10 Strong worst impressions. Article by Diane Shawe ...
Express Training Courses · 6M ago

Detoxing with Beetroot for a healthy liver

A good friend of mine for over 30 years, doesn't smoke, drink and keep fit fanatic was jus...