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Fabulous Frugalista · 1M ago

DIY All-Natural "Soft Scrub" Cleanser

Vinegar is the one item that can save you so much money for a wide range of uses if you like to make your own stuff.  Baking soda and vinegar is a dynamic duo for all types of household chor...
Fabulous Frugalista · 3M ago

Some tips on saving money the unconventional way

One of the ways that has always helped me save money is to budget.  Keeping track of how much is being spent helps to control spending.  We opened up a savings account with an automatic depo...
Fabulous Frugalista · 5M ago

Cookie sheet and muffin pan organization

What a genius way to store those cookie sheets and muffin pans that end up all over the kitchen.Click here for a photo tutorial.
Fabulous Frugalista · 9M ago

How To Store Tomatoes

Less waste from proper storage of tomatoes saves money!Want to know how?  Click here for the article.
Fabulous Frugalista · 9M ago

DIY Screen Cleaner

It is so funny . . . sometimes I will be working on photo editing or graphics and there will be a spot or mark that doesn't look right, so I pull down the eraser tool and try to erase it.  A...
Fabulous Frugalista · 9M ago

Make Stained Bakeware Like New Again

I must admit that I'm so frugal that I will hold on to bakeware that looks like that one indefinitely and cover with aluminum foil.  Well, it is still functional and you know . . . I'm fruga...
Fabulous Frugalista · 10M ago

Economical Castile Soap Uses

Lately we have been using artisan natural soaps and shampoo soaps that we love, but they are a bit pricey.As a result, I've set out to educate myself on making my own concoctions and soaps. ...
Fabulous Frugalista · 10M ago

Best Ways to Store Strawberries

Two Flats of Strawberries.  Photo © Molly WatsonDuring strawberry season in my part of the world, you can pick up strawberries for surprisingly low prices, especially if you go directly to t...
Fabulous Frugalista · 10M ago

DIY Onion and Garlic Powder

Another great idea from Jillee!  You would not believe how easy it is to make your own garlic and onion powder.  The Captain and I love making our own spice mixes and this will make a great ...
Fabulous Frugalista · 10M ago

Trash Can Liner Trick

Save money by recycling those plastic grocery bags for your smaller trash cans.I love the trick of putting an upside down hook to keep the bag from getting stuck in the can.This trick comes ...