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FAIL blog · 2M ago

29 Dogs Who Are Photobombing Jerks

They may be your best friend but these jerks also have an uncanny knack for ruining photos.
FAIL blog · 1h ago

Take a Look Inside This Couple's Decadent Taco Bell Wedding

Taco bells are ringing madly for this happy, lovedrunk couple!
FAIL blog · 2h ago

Russian Bloggers Make A Car Fidget Spinner Because of Course They Did

Fidget spinners have been rampaging through pop culture like a hurricane. Their absurd spread has been spurring all kinds of knock-offs and references of all types. Well, now the trend has s...
FAIL blog · 2h ago

The Top 10 Moments of the Week That Will Make You Bury Your Face In Your Hands

These people's ridiculous FAILs were some of the top trending of last week.
FAIL blog · 3h ago

Woman Struggles to Keep Her Pants Up While Trapped On the Carnival Ride From Hell

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FAIL blog · 4h ago

44 Guys Share the Exact Moments They Decided to Divorce Their Wives

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FAIL blog · 4h ago

10 Of Our Favorite Funny Comments From Ken M.

How can a man be so consistently, impressively ill-informed? We're utterly confounded. 
FAIL blog · 5h ago

This Airplane Packed Full of Spider-Man Cosplayers Just Made Our Day

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FAIL blog · 5h ago

Scottish Lingerie Model Enacts Perfect Revenge After Unsolicited Dick Pic

When in doubt, send that shit off to the douchecanoe's mom right?
FAIL blog · 6h ago

"TED" Talk Gorilla is Easily the Best Gorilla-Inspired Meme We've Seen Since Harambe

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