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FAIL blog · 38m ago

Fitness Coach Demonstrates the Massive Lie That Is 'Instagram Modeling'

Turns out that (unsurprisingly) the 'Instagram Modeling' game is all one big game of smoke and mirrors. Sophie Allen, a personal trainer from Melbourne, Australia demonstrates how the illusi...
FAIL blog · 1M ago

19 Night Shift Workers Share the Craziest Things They've Seen After Hours

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FAIL blog · 11h ago

Clever Wife Leaves Husband Grocery List with NSFW Twist

Hopefully he was up to the challenge....
FAIL blog · 12h ago

Stalker Chick Goes Insane On Guy In Awkward Text Rant

To say that this uncomfortable situation escalated quickly would be an understatement...
FAIL blog · 13h ago

Trump's Decision to Look at Eclipse Without Shades On Inspires Hilarious Memestorm

He just had to go there...
FAIL blog · 3M ago

18 Cheaters Who Were Caught Red-Handed and Incurred the Wrath of Justice

As you sow, so you shall reap. These cheaters were asking for it.The long awaited sequel to our last round of "Cheaters Who Were Dealt Swift Justice as Karma For Their Actions".
FAIL blog · 15h ago

15 Moronic Pregnancy Questions From People Who Shouldn't Have Kids

Please god, don't let these people reproduce. 
FAIL blog · 16h ago

Guy Tweets Story About His Insane Psycho-Ex Girlfriend That'll Make You Squirm In Your Seat

The attention to detail here really makes you feel like you're in the grips of his crazy ex-girlfriend as well! This guy's the true MVP for sharing his epically twisted little dating saga. 
FAIL blog · 17h ago

Guy Tells the Harrowing Tale of How He Blinded Himself Staring at the Solar Eclipse

FAIL blog · 2M ago

23 People Who Have Mastered Their Tinder Game

New age dating apps, like Tinder, require a certain tact. It's an art form that these people have perfected.