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FAIL blog · 4h ago

The Silicon Valley Season 4 Trailer Is Finally Here

The day has finally come: the trailer for the new season of Silicon Valley, a show centered on the ridiculousness that pervades across the start-up tech landscapes, is here! And oh boy, it d...
FAIL blog · 5h ago

Genius Kid Won't Take No For Answer From Parents, Builds Amazingly Accurate Nintendo Switch Out of Cardboard

This kid is destined for great things. I'm getting solid Jimmy Neutron vibes here. Wait, N...
FAIL blog · 6h ago

Fox News Once Again Shocked and Appalled By the Footage They Captured of Spring Break

“Look, you’ve got to be warned here: what you’re about to see is beyond graphic, probably not appropriate for your kids. Three-two-one, go.” Based on that intro from Sean Hannity alone, you'...
FAIL blog · 7h ago

Watch This Booze-Blinded Degenerate Enact An Imaginary Game of Limbo and Fail Terribly

My liver legit shrivels up in fear when I start thinking about what this bro's BAC level was at during the time of this video. And god knows what else he had in his system. Maybe he was trip...
FAIL blog · 8h ago

Afternoon Awesome: 25 Memes for That Wednesday Afternoon

Keep the rest of hump day rolling with some more afternoon memes. 
FAIL blog · 9h ago

John Mayer Tweets Ridiculous Natural Selection Theory, Swears He's Not High, Gets Trolled to Oblivion

It sounds an awful lot like John Mayer's been smoking too much of the devil's lettuce amid...
FAIL blog · 10h ago

Happy Hump Day: 34 Amazing Random Images That Will Make You Smile

Well, it's hump day yet again. We figured a little boost of endorphins might be in order to get you through the rest of the week. You're welcome. 
FAIL blog · 14h ago

The Daily FAIL: Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

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FAIL blog · 11h ago

Uber Driver Finds Out the Hard Way That Her Man is Cheating After Giving His Sidepiece a Ride

This is one of those situations where the universe lines up perfectly to dish out some sol...
FAIL blog · 11h ago

Musically Gifted Washing Machine Miraculously Delivers Hottest Jam of March 2017

Leave it to the unmistakably talented, previously undiscovered washing machine to turn you...