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FAIL blog · 15m ago

13 Photoshop FAILs That Defied Reality

There's either something really strange going on in these photos or someone just made a grievous photoshop error. 
FAIL blog · 1h ago

22 Neckbeards Doing Cringey Neckbeard Things

The beard is strong with these necks.
FAIL blog · 2h ago

14 Cringey Senior Photos That Raise a Whole Truckload of Questions

They're going to regret this when their kids see it. 
FAIL blog · 3h ago

Cold-Hearted Girl Ruthlessly Denies Thirsty Guy Asking For Nudes

She just wrecked that salivating scumbag. You could say he took things a little too fast. 
FAIL blog · 4h ago

Tom Cruise Confirms "Top Gun 2" Is Actually Happening and Twitter Explodes With Great Plot Ideas

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FAIL blog · 4h ago

Drunk Girl Shows Us What It Looks Like to Have an Orgasm While Eating Pizza

I have felt this on many an occasion. Glad we have video footage to depict the sensational experience that is a booze-intensified pizza eating experience.
FAIL blog · 5h ago

22 Facebook FAILs That Will Make You Think Twice About Posting to Social Media

It's always best to check yourself before wrecking yourself on social media. 
FAIL blog · 5h ago

Top 10 PG Porn Memes That'll Turn You On In a Wholesome Way

These are definitely PG, but we can't help but still feel guilty. Censorship at its finest. 
FAIL blog · 5h ago

First Official Trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 Sends Hype Into Overdrive

Those dragons easily stole the damn show.
FAIL blog · 6h ago

Internet Had a Dangerous Amount of Fun Trolling Pic of Trump, Melania And Ivanka With The Pope

Just when we thought we'd never get anything better than Donald Trump grasping that orb, w...