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FAIL blog · 20m ago

Super Drunk Chick Can't Order a Drink to Save Her Life

Didn't see that coming...
FAIL blog · 1h ago

Teamwork Win! Community Carries a House Down The Road

They say true friends help their friends move.
FAIL blog · 9h ago

Slow Clumsy Cop Makes Stupid Comment While In Pursuit

Are YOU a good citizen...
FAIL blog · 10h ago

New York Legislator Has Cringeworthy Meltdown Over Speeding Ticket

Why does this woman sound like she's on the verge of giving birth. 
FAIL blog · 1Y ago

Guy Trolls His Match On Tinder, Pretends He's On the Run From Cops, Hilarity Ensues

Submitted by: Tagged: dating , funny , trolling , tinder Share on Facebook
FAIL blog · 12h ago

21 Probably Fake Dad Texts That Are Hilariously Accurate

Equal parts cheesy, wholesome, and entertaining; and likely 100% not real life. 
FAIL blog · 13h ago

Hilariously Relatable Tumblr Thread Nails How Stressful Foreign Languages Are

This was a very bien thread. 
FAIL blog · 14h ago

10 Roasts That Were A Scorching Savage Level 100

This is where self esteem goes to die. 
FAIL blog · 5M ago

Woman On Tinder With No Legs Goes Viral For Hilariously Amazing Bio

There's nothing we love quite more than someone, anyone, who is able to make the most out ...
FAIL blog · 15h ago

11 "Very Smart" Braggarts Whose Egos are Laughably Cringey

We got some egos up in here!