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FAIL blog · 7h ago

Watch This Russian Kid Dance Like Crazy While Giving Zero F**ks

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FAIL blog · 8h ago

Watching This Adorable Baby Talk On The Phone Will Overwhelm You With Cuteness

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FAIL blog · 9h ago

Uber Driver Shuts Down Entitled Drunk Chicks After They Drive Him Over the Edge

These entitled b*tches totally got what they deserved after they tried to tell an Uber driver off because he couldn't reach their location. You can tell that these brats are just your everyd...
FAIL blog · 10h ago

Fake Melania Sparks The Conspiracy Theory We Never Knew We Needed

Yet again, the Trumps just can't catch a break. Just yesterday we were running a post on h...
FAIL blog · 11h ago

Internet Reacts To Ted Cruz Tweeting About The Zodiac Killer Meme

As you might well know, Ted Cruz has long since been at the end of a running joke about hi...
FAIL blog · 12h ago

Pic Of Ariana Grande Defying Laws Of Physics Goes Viral, And Internet's Horribly Confused

We're talking way back in August of 2014, Ariana Grande released her album, My Everything;...
FAIL blog · 13h ago

10 Times People's Exes Tried To Win Them Back In Ridiculous Ways

The following rollercoaster of romance gone horribly wrong is a bitter, cringe-fueled remi...
FAIL blog · 14h ago

Emoji Birthday Party Goes Up In Flames

"This party is LIIIIIIIT!"
FAIL blog · 14h ago


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FAIL blog · 15h ago

Twitter Tears Mia Khalifa Apart After She Makes Untimely Joke About Gordon Hayward's Ankle Break

Last night Gordon Hayward tragically broke his ankle after jumping for a ball in the Bosto...