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FAIL blog · 8M ago

Crazy Health Site Claims Coconut Oil Cures Alzheimer's, Gets Promptly Called Out on Facebook

This the kind of shit that makes us want to scream!
FAIL blog · 2h ago

News Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing At Bison Hump Day

News anchor gets a laugh attack while reading a story on Bison Hump Day.
FAIL blog · 3h ago

11 Inedible Forbidden Snacks People Wish They could Eat

Some things look really good to eat but in fact are deadly poison. Here is a sample of some of the things people wish they could eat but are in fact forbidden.
FAIL blog · 4h ago

All These Combined Might Equal One Pull-Up

Absolutely zero pull-ups were completed during the recording of this video.
FAIL blog · 5h ago

14 Intelligently Designed Church Signs

Have you been searching for signs of God? Here are 14.
FAIL blog · 6h ago

Car Crash Behind Reporter During Report On Safe Driving

A car spun out and crashed into a tree behind a reporter during a live shot about safe driving in Atlanta.
FAIL blog · 7h ago

Dude's Operations Manager Pulls Off Historically Lazy, Yet Amazing Command

Never have I EVER been SO inspired by SUCH laziness. This man's the modern day champion of laziness that we all never knew we needed. 
FAIL blog · 6M ago

12 Cringeworthy Idiots Who Will Make You Facepalm

The cringe is real.
FAIL blog · 9h ago

20 Dad Jokes So Potent They Will Make You Become A Father

Everyone likes a good pun. These are mostly bad.
FAIL blog · 10h ago

Hilarious Pub Prank Blows Up In Drunk Guy's Face

Nothing warms the heart like the bar loudmouth getting humbled in one swift blow. Literally.