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FAIL blog · 5h ago

8 People Who Aren't Loving Their Jobs

Chances are these people are having a rougher day than you
FAIL blog · 6h ago

Couple Have Hilarious Conversation By Only Rhyming With Animal Noises

Things got a bit ruff during this sexually-tense conversation between two complete animals. 
FAIL blog · 6h ago

Stupid Kid Trying To Steal Booze At Safeway GONE WRONG

Grade-A play calling right here.
FAIL blog · 8h ago

16 Ridiculous Mall Santa Problems That'll Fill You With Holiday Cheer

These are the kind of maddening problems that make up the soul-grinding process of working as a mall Santa. 'Tis no easy task, to say the least. 
FAIL blog · 9h ago

Woman Discovers Insane Coincidence With Her Fiancé In Childhood Pic

When it's meant to be, it'll be, guys. These two crossed paths QUITE some time ago, and lo...
FAIL blog · 10h ago

18 Times James Fridman Trolled People With Legendary Photoshopping Skills

James Fridman is the modern day genie: he grants the wish you ask for, but not the one you want. 
FAIL blog · 11h ago

Clever Baby Has Hilariously Sassy Message For Santa

This sassy baby who isn't the biggest fan of Santa, just roasted the hell out of Mr. Claus without uttering a mere word. 
FAIL blog · 12h ago

Girl Creates Genius Wall Of Sorrow To Guilt Her Dad Into Getting Them A Cat

Poor dad didn't stand a chance! @Itsssdanielle's little sister simply HAD to have a cat. S...
FAIL blog · 2M ago

42 People Share the Worst Fanboy Meltdowns They've Ever Witnessed

It's always uncomfortable watching a fully-grown adult lose complete composure in public. ...
FAIL blog · 14h ago

12 Morons Who Lie on the Internet For Fun

These ridiculous individuals decided to lie for attention on the internet.