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Fanda Classiclit · 11M ago

The Classics Club Project: Progress #2

So, this is the second month of my last attempt to complete The Classics Clubs Projectby March 2017. Everything looks promising till now, hopefully it lasts till the end. Here is my June sta...
Fanda Classiclit · 12M ago

The Classics Club Project: Progress #1

Following up my last attempt to complete The Classics Clubs Project by March 2017, here is my first progress, together with mini reviews of what I have finished reading:May 2016:Books read =...
Fanda Classiclit · 12M ago

Belle Époque Artists: Jean Béraud

Outside the Vaudeville Theatre, ParisJean Béraud (January 12, 1849 – October 4, 1935) was a French painter, noted for his paintings of Parisian life during the Belle Époque. He was born in S...
Fanda Classiclit · 1Y ago

Fighting to Complete My Classics Club Project by Next Year!

Okay, time flies, indeed, too fast! When I started The Classics Club Project in March 2012, five years seemed so far away, I believed this project would be quite an easy one. I was wrong! Ye...
Fanda Classiclit · 1Y ago

Belle Époque Artists: Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1935) was a French painter of genre scenes. Gilbert was born in Paris on 13th February 1847. His natural ability for drawing was acknowledged at an early age but...
Fanda Classiclit · 1Y ago

If I were Old Bourras in The Ladies’ Paradise

Le Bon Marche by Felix VallotonParisian store which inspired Ladies' ParadiseReading Zola’s The Ladies’ Paradise gives me certain excitement which I have never encountered before from Rougon...
Fanda Classiclit · 1Y ago

It’s a Very Outdated Post!

I know it’s very-very outdated. 2015 was already far away… but I won’t ever forgive myself if I don’t, somehow, wrap up my last year Literary Movement Reading Challenge. You know, of course,...
Fanda Classiclit · 1Y ago

Belle Époque Artists: Gustave Caillebotte

Paris Street, Rainy Day, 1877Gustave Caillebotte (19 August 1848 – 21 February 1894) was a French painter, member and patron of the group of artists known as Impressionists, though he painte...
Fanda Classiclit · 1Y ago

Belle Époque Artists: Édouard-Denis Baldus

Hotel de Ville et Pont d'Arcole, ParisÉdouard-Denis Baldus (June 5, 1813, Grünebach, Prussia – 1889, Paris) was a French landscape, architectural and railway photographer. Baldus was origina...
Fanda Classiclit · 1Y ago

Merry Christmas, Dear Readers!