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Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 4d ago

MATTHEW: Second Chances & Double Standards

Matthew loves his sons and has a really fair point of view. Theresa has a past and is ashamed of it, but she loves her daughter. Thomas, Theresa's brother, is a hypocrite.
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 5d ago

Conversations With Friends: Textual Healing

A college student vacillates between her old girlfriend and a boyfriend.
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 6d ago

Mr. Darcy Takes Tea With the Mad Hatter

Down the Rabbit Hole with Mr. Darcy and Alice...
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 1W ago

Pride & Prejudice Audio: Worth the Time?

How many versions of Jane Austen's masterpiece can I enjoy? Well, it seems at least one more.
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 1W ago


A wool merchant, from the sheep up, Tremaine is bent on buying an earl's flock. But, the earl's sister has a social conscience he finds even more intriguing.
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 1W ago


A couple with a child with Asperger's navigates the mine fields of life.
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 2W ago

FITNESS JUNKIES: Skinny Isn’t Pretty

Would you change your body for a job or a company? Would you let it undermine your personality?
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 2W ago

THOMAS: Explores Honorable Behavior, Traditional Roles & Backlash

A new lord, with a sketchy past, visits a recently acquired estate and meets his unusual steward.
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 2W ago

LOVE ME AGAIN: Get Over High School Romance Already!

Pressure leads a teen to drop her boyfriend. But years later is there still a spark?
Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust · 1M ago

THE BEACH AT PAINTER’S COVE: A Pretty Picture of Family Dysfunction

Four generations of a dysfunctional family come together and squabble as they work to save the family mansion. Will they learn to work together to come up with a plan?