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Far Edge of Normal Ramblings and recipes, excerpts and authors
Far Edge of Normal · 1d ago

Author Interview - Mark Engels

Please welcome Mark Engels to the Far Edge of Normal! His book, Always Gray in Winter, is up for an award. Check it out here...Boyhood interests in trains and electronics fostered my career ...
Far Edge of Normal · 5d ago

Thursday Recipe - Easy Biscuits

These lovely basic biscuits are made with oil instead of butter so no cutting in the fats, just stir the oil in with the milk. If you want a butter flavor, you could use half melted butter a...
Far Edge of Normal · 1W ago

Monday Musings

I asked my 14yo daughter what I should post about. She said, "Cats." Isn't that what the internet is for? Cats? Invented by Whiskers R. Pussington, so everyone could bask in the beauty, grac...
Far Edge of Normal · 1W ago

Thursday Recipe - Dairy-free Lemon Pudding

I got my hands on some Meyer lemons recently. These are dark yellow, sweet lemons. They are also extremely juicy. Three of them gave me a full cup of lemon juice. They still have that lemon ...
Far Edge of Normal · 2W ago

Bubble Wrap Kids

Personal rant warning...What is it with eating laundry detergent? How did this become cool? Don't these kids realize the harm they're doing to themselves when they eat those things? Maybe no...
Far Edge of Normal · 2W ago

Thursday Recipe - GF DF Hot Fudge Sundae Slow-Cooker Cake

So, I was bored the other day and wanted hot fudge cake, but wanted to make some my daughter could eat, too. This turned out so delicious, and it was so easy. Just dump into the crockpot and...
Far Edge of Normal · 3W ago

Book Review - Save Our Souls by Leighton Dean

Disclaimer - I read an uncorrected advance copy. The book is coming soon... Check it out here.This was explained to me as a light-hearted space adventure. Yes, it was adventurous with plenty...
Far Edge of Normal · 3W ago

Thursday Recipe - Ruane Irish Soda Bread

I was at RadCon last weekend. I chose to participate in the teacher visits at the local schools. I love working with children. We had a blast brainstorming a story beginning. I walked them t...
Far Edge of Normal · 4W ago


It's been a wild week. Which is why this post is late and short. Too much going on and things have been crazy.I was at RadCon all weekend. Hats off to the committee for organizing a great co...
Far Edge of Normal · 1M ago

Thursday Recipe?

I'm out of new ideas for recipes.But I'm working on ideas for a searchable cookbook online. Stay tuned for developments.Meanwhile, share a link to your favorite recipe!