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Fast Company · 8h ago

This Ice Cream Is Made From Food Waste (It's Delicious)

The Portland-based Salt & Straw is releasing a new series of flavors crafted exclusively f...
Fast Company · 9h ago

Four Silent Personal-Branding Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making

If you're going to describe your expertise as "unparalleled," make sure you're quoting a s...
Fast Company · 1d ago

The War For Talent Is Over, And Everyone Lost

Two decades ago, McKinsey researchers saw a "war for talent" brewing. Looking at current t...
Fast Company · 2d ago

Tom Colicchio Wants To Transform How We Think About Food Policy

The Top Chef star dishes it out on aid to farmers, nutrition trends, and the restaurant re...
Fast Company · 2d ago

U.S.-Backed Efforts To Promote Openness And Democracy Are At Risk In The Age Of Trump

The Open Tech Fund spends millions to fund tools that support freedom of information and d...
Fast Company · 2d ago

Trump's Wall Is Also Dividing The Architecture Community

Over 200 vendors applied for a project that is unlikely to ever happen.
Fast Company · 2d ago

Least Creative Thing Of The Day: This Billboard Urges You To "Throw Rocks At Girls"

A jewelry company thought it was appropriate to put up a billboard with a joke about viole...
Fast Company · 2d ago

Domino's Day Off, Pedigree's Child Replacement Program: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Adobe foils a bank robbery, French DIY goes epic, and the difference between internet cats...
Fast Company · 2d ago

Gorillaz Are Back With Their New Single "Saturnz Barz" And A VR Music Video To Boot

A trippy space odyssey awaits you, replete with singing pizza, relentless monsters, and a ...
Fast Company · 2d ago

Why New Media Studio Blackpills Partnered With Vice For A Slew Of Scripted Series

The growing media empire made its first foray into scripted digital content with four web ...