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Feasta the foundation for the economics of sustainability
Feasta · 4d ago

Economics as priesthood – a religion based on assumptions

Some of the ridiculous assumptions on which much of mainstream economics is constructed are explored in this chapter of Credo, by Brian Davey – for example the methodology that stresses indi...
Feasta · 1W ago

Feasta week in Kerry

We still have some places available for our annual week-long workshop at Rossbeigh in Kerry, which will take place at the end of June 2017. We're looking forward to a thought-provoking and s...
Feasta · 2W ago

A thinkery on water, anti-privatisation struggles and the commons

Feasta's Water Commons group, along with Orla O'Donovan and Patrick Bresnihan, are organising this event at University College Cork on June 23. Speakers will include Standing Rock Water Prot...
Feasta · 2W ago

Brexit and complexity

Brian Davey draws on the work of Joseph Tainter and cybernetics research to argue that the least risky approach to Brexit is to follow Yanis Varoufakis' advice and go for an interim, off the...
Feasta · 4W ago

The Joke

"How do we form a whole social system – its economy settling nicely inside its ecology? We don’t. Everyone does. Where economy meets ecology, is precisely where a tool meets its materials – ...
Feasta · 1M ago

Limits to economic growth?

In this presentation given at the University of Nottingham on April 4, Brian Davey investigates the historical roots of the growth-based economy. He critiques the assumption that renewable e...
Feasta · 1M ago

Limits to Incentives

Means of exchange are never neutral as orthodox economists assume. Intentional Currencies respond by being explicit about the values they seek to promote and the outcomes they seek to achiev...
Feasta · 1M ago

Webinar on the work of David Fleming

Feasta is delighted to offer the opportunity to engage with the inspirational thoughts of the late David Fleming – an original, radical thinker whose time seems to have come only after his d...
Feasta · 1M ago

Reclaiming Commons through Land Value Tax, or a Wing and a Prayer

Patrick Noble suggests some ways in which "ordinary people may steer a course back into history and with luck – a course towards a newly egalitarian and convivial culture." In particular he ...
Feasta · 1M ago

CapGlobalCarbon and basic income: How could climate action be coupled to economic empowerment?

A global basic income, funded from commons-based revenue including the revenue from CapGlobalCarbon, could help to heal the divisions that are currently plaguing us. By Caroline Whyte.