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Feasta the foundation for the economics of sustainability
Feasta · 1W ago

Journey to Earthland: review by Mark Garavan

This book by Paul Raskin constructs a possible future world scenario not so much as a prediction but as a map which we can use if we can mobilise collectively into a common movement which le...
Feasta · 1W ago

Entrepreneurship – the narrative of creative destruction

In this chapter from Credo, Brian Davey argues that the role of the entrepreneur changes over time and that, at their most powerful, they seek to co-opt officials and politicians for their a...
Feasta · 1M ago

End of the “Oilocene”: The Demise of the Global Oil Industry and of the Global Economic System as we know it.

Tim Clarke draws on recent research on fossil fuel extraction to argue that the global oil industry in deep trouble. Since oil plays such a key role in the world economy, since 2008 any sem...
Feasta · 1M ago

World Basic Income conference, Manchester, February 4 2017

The world’s first conference on world basic income will be held in Manchester (UK) on 4th February 2017. The event will explore a new practical solution to global inequality and poverty. Fea...
Feasta · 1M ago

Lean Logic and Surviving the Future: Reviews by Mark Garavan

Mark Garavan writes "these two books offer a wonderful summation and presentation of [Davd] Fleming’s life work. He is always stimulating and always provocative," and that the books "provide...
Feasta · 1M ago

Carbon markets at the end of 2016 – what can we expect in the future?

Sadhbh O'Neill, who attended the COP-22 climate summit in Marrakesh, provides some thoughts on the limitations of carbon trading; not only does trading completely fail to address the ethics ...
Feasta · 2M ago

Questioning The Free Trade Mantra

Graham Barnes presents three reasons for challenging the narrative that restrictions on trade are never justifiable, and goes on to argue that the potential rebalancing of an economy - away ...
Feasta · 2M ago

Water Commoning – Extending the public debate about water policy in Ireland

Feasta's new Water Commoning Group aims to extend the debate about water policy in Ireland and to establish water commoning as something worthy of serious and critical consideration.
Feasta · 2M ago

The Climate Crisis and Economic Policy Choices

Brian Davey, in Credo, argues that carbon emissions will never fall at a sufficient rate in a growth economy. Unfortunately, the EU operates a climate policy framework, the EU Emissions Tra...
Feasta · 3M ago

Prejudice, Ignorance and Granfalloons – Society in the Trump Era

Energetic and ecological limits are mostly unknown because they are taboos. It would be great if people found out more about these limits because responding to them seems to me to be the mos...