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Feasta the foundation for the economics of sustainability
Feasta · 5d ago

There’s no Feasta in the USA, but there is this new blog

We're delighted to welcome long-time Feasta member and trustee Mike Sandler as a regular contributor to our blog. Here you can read an overview of his background in climate action in the US ...
Feasta · 1W ago

More thoughts on the good life

"There is, and never has been a technology which has disrupted anywhere near the degree of either aviation, or the family car," writes Patrick Noble.
Feasta · 2W ago

The real lesson of the Energiewende is that the German economy uses too much energy to be sustainable and needs to degrow…

Brian Davey draws on German research to argue that the only way that industrialised countries will be able to achieve the transition to 100% renewables is through degrowth. The transition is...
Feasta · 3W ago

The good life or the ballot? Both you say? I say the good life first, the ballot second.

Patrick Noble argues that political engagement should be secondary to discovering what is the good life and then living it. "That will be a process of trial and error – new truths are discov...
Feasta · 1M ago

Ethical disconnection and re-connection – corporations as “people” and NGOs

In this chapter of Credo, Brian Davey describes the mechanisms that allow corporate actors to distance themselves from responsibility from their anti-social and anti-environmental choices –...
Feasta · 2M ago

How destructive is the middle class?

Patrick Noble proposes that the gathering of rent for status - 'status enclosure' - is the central process by which we become middle class, and a major cause of the global crises we're facin...
Feasta · 2M ago

Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds by Féidhlim Harty: Review

Seán Ó Conláin writes that this book is "a rich and unique repository of information and expertise for anyone interested in any aspect of treatment wetland systems – and indeed a true reflec...
Feasta · 2M ago

Limits to Economic Growth?

"Mainstream economists typically concentrate on science, technology and innovation to explain economic growth – but virtually all these new innovations are new ways to use energy and it is t...
Feasta · 2M ago

Why I put time and energy into advocating universal basic income

Anne Ryan argues that a basic income is essential in order to enable us to achieve a sane, humane and ecological society worldwide.
Feasta · 2M ago

The Corruption of Capitalism by Guy Standing: review by Brian Davey

This book is a powerful attack on rentier capitalism and, very explicitly, a call to revolt. Standing is at his best describing the features of crony capitalism that are totally different fr...