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Feasta the foundation for the economics of sustainability
Feasta · 1W ago

Celebrating Feasta’s 20th anniversary

This innovative event in County Mayo on May 18 will focus on famine, food, energy and culture, and is free and open to all. It will explore today’s challenges both in Ireland and globally, i...
Feasta · 4d ago

Cursed to live in interesting times

Brian Davey connects the fall in the growth rate, with its roots in the rising costs of energy extraction and generation, to declining resilience in the economic system. He argues that these...
Feasta · 1W ago

From Ivory Tower to global problem solver – aligning academia to the Sustainable Development Goals

A significant portion of the American electorate is seemingly alienated from academia. Conspiracy theorists and talk (hate) radio have seemingly co-opted a portion of the rural working class...
Feasta · 2W ago

Indigenous economics

In this chapter of Credo, Brian Davey explores the reasons why, on a global level, the most committed environmental campaigners tend to be indigenous people such as tribal societies and the ...
Feasta · 4W ago

Feasta submission to the Post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy consultation process

We argue that in order to achieve its new objectives, CAP policymakers need to collaborate with other high-level EU and global bodies so as to establish a core economic framework that would ...
Feasta · 1M ago

Universal Basic Income: Pennies from Heaven by Paul O’Brien – review

Caroline Whyte writes that universal basic income is "an exciting idea, and this book is well worth reading if you’re even mildly curious to learn more about its potential."
Feasta · 1M ago

Food for Thought/Lón Intinne, 18th May 2018, County Mayo

Against the backdrop of Afri’s Famine Walk on Saturday 19th, this innovative event is intended to explore today’s challenges both in Ireland and globally, in conversation and through culture...
Feasta · 1M ago

The great agricultural resettlement or the next chapter of the fall

Patrick Noble is unconvinced by the widespread idea that we can achieve negative emissions through clever agricultural practices. He argues instead that to eliminate emissions we "must end t...
Feasta · 1M ago

Cap and Dividend bill introduced in U.S. Senate – a ray of hope regardless of its “political feasibility”

"For those watching U.S. politics from afar, it may seem like the country is filled with climate deniers and oil drillers. But there was a bright spot recently for those of us in the US who...
Feasta · 1M ago

The Catalan Integral Cooperative … The Simpler Way revolution is well underway!

Ted Trainer describes the rapidly growing cooperative movement in Catalonia: "In a world where capital, profit and market forces dump large numbers into “exclusion” and poverty, and governme...