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Feminism and Religion · 1d ago

In This Fractured World, I Will Not Remain Silent by Karen Leslie Hernandez

The recent killing of 17 year old Nabra Hassanen is on my mind. Not only was she killed—brutally beaten with a baseball bat—but it is thought that she was raped, too. Twice. During Ramadan. ...
Feminism and Religion · 2d ago

Resistance and the Religious Left by Gina Messina

For the last forty years, the Christian Right has influenced the conversation in American politics. Where is the Religious Left and how are they impacting our nation’s moral agenda? It is an...
Feminism and Religion · 2d ago

Anti-Muslim Demonstrations Demand Our Response by Katey Zeh

On June 10th anti-Muslim demonstrations were held in 28 cities across the United States, i...
Feminism and Religion · 3d ago

Is This How Patriarchy Began? by Carol P Christ

In my widely read blog and academic essay offering a new definition of patriarchy, I argued that patriarchy is a system of male dominance that arose at the intersection of the control of fem...
Feminism and Religion · 4d ago

A Beginning: Atonement Theology and the Feminist Critique by Katie M. Deaver

Since many of the comments on my last post expressed interest in my dissertation topic I will use my next couple of posts to talk a little bit more about my work and research in that area.  ...
Feminism and Religion · 5d ago

Internal Strife – External Conflict by Oxana Poberejnaia

As Po said in “Kung Fu Panda”: “I’m gonna get myself some Inner Peace… Inner piece of what?” This basically lays out a path of spiritual work for most of us. We aim for peace, yet somehow we...
Feminism and Religion · 1w ago

The Universe Is on Your Side by LaChelle Schilling

While I am sure this articulation is on an “inspirational” meme somewhere, my thoughts coalesced to form it while I was looking at the mid-afternoon blue sky in a moment of rare optimism. To...
Feminism and Religion · 1w ago

Rhetoric of a Talking Body by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

  I have been thinking lately in the female body: object of foreign narratives and appropriations to their geography Who decides what is right to say about a woman’s body? The correct answer...
Feminism and Religion · 1W ago

What If…She’s Stronger than She Knows…by Molly Remer

“When I dare to be powerful–to use my strength in the service of my vision–then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” –Audre Lorde “The purpose of life is not to maintain personal comfort; it’s to grow... Read More ›
Feminism and Religion · 1W ago

Shariah is not a Law by Esther Nelson

I will never forget the day Nasr Abu Zaid (1943-2010), an Islamic Studies scholar and teacher extraordinaire, told me, “Shariah is not a law.”  In spite of his assertion, many people—both Mu...