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Feminism and Religion · 8h ago

We the People by Joyce Zonana

During the January 21st Women’s March in New York City, I was inspired and delighted by so many of the signs women and men had crafted to express their opposition to the current disastrous r...
Feminism and Religion · 13h ago

The Celtic Otherworld, by Judith Shaw

Did the ancient Celts believe in heaven and hell?  Not exactly – because of their belief in reincarnation they did not identify a particular place that one went to after death. Instead the C...
Feminism and Religion · 1d ago

Parenting and Politics: How I’m Showing Up by Katey Zeh

When I was ten weeks pregnant I gave an impassioned speech in front of the Supreme Court during the Hobby Lobby hearings about why universal access to contraception was part of my own religious understanding. I’d wanted to share about... Read More ›
Feminism and Religion · 2d ago

Authoritarian Followers: What’s Feminism and Religion Got to Do with It? by Carol P. Christ

There are two types of authoritarians: those who jump out in front and say “follow me, only I can solve the problem”; the far greater number of authoritarian personalities are those who want...
Feminism and Religion · 3d ago

Is Evil Winning? by Michele Stopera Freyhauf

If you are like me, today (and most days lately) it is difficult to be positive in a world that seems so full of hate.  In fact, I struggled with a topic to write about because, in all hones...
Feminism and Religion · 4d ago

Get Serious: Don’t Die in Character by Oxana Poberejnaia

Recently I had a few experiences that brought home to me the meaning of a saying by the Buddha: What’s the laughter, why the joy, When the world is ever burning? Plunged into darkness, Won’t...
Feminism and Religion · 5d ago

Desierto Divino: Messages from the Earth by LaChelle Schilling

I have been thinking about deserts lately, what places are desired, which ones are deserted, and by whom. Cabo de Gata of Andalusia is one of the four deserts in Spain. In 2010, it became pu...
Feminism and Religion · 6d ago

Deadly in Love: No Flowers, Dignity and Rights by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

Vanessa Vazquez Laba, a scholar feminist and researcher in gender studies in Argentina, wi...
Feminism and Religion · 1w ago

Welcome to the Resistance by John Erickson

There comes a time in all of our lives when we have to make important decisions. What do I believe in? Who do I want to be? What and who will I stand up for? There has been a lot... Read Mor...
Feminism and Religion · 1W ago

Mindful of the Bond We Share in these Trying Times by Vibha Shetiya

I’m sitting in my parents’ balcony in Pune, India, on a quiet morning. Well, this being a bustling Indian city of six million, it can’t really be quiet. As I sit with cup of tea in hand, I t...