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Fergster's Blog · 5h ago

Five Monsters That Explore Gender, Sexuality, and Race

When I say “monster,” what do you think about? Frankenstein’s monster? Dracula? The creature from the Black Lagoon? Maybe even Cookie Monster… When we hear that word, we tend to think of mon...
Fergster's Blog · 5h ago

Sherlock Team Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat to Adapt Dracula for TV

Variety reports that with the world’s greatest detective in the rear view mirror, Sherlock team Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are set to adapt another icon of Victorian literature with a new...
Fergster's Blog · 3d ago

Indigenous picture books offering windows into worlds

In this series, we’ll discuss whether progress is being made on Indigenous education, looking at various areas including policy, scholarships, school leadership, literacy and much more. In a...
Fergster's Blog · 4d ago

Big Trouble in Little China's Loudmouth Hero Makes One Last Stand in New Comic Series Old Man Jack

What might a senior citizen version of Big Trouble in Little China’s truck-driving, sandwich-chomping, day-saving (kinda) hero Jack Burton look like? A new comic from Boom Studios, appropria...
Fergster's Blog · 1w ago

The Hidden Treasures in Italian Libraries

In the madness of late spring at San Marco Square in Venice, amid the hordes pouring in from land and sea, hard by the hissing espresso machines and sizzling panini presses of overpriced caf...
Fergster's Blog · 1W ago

Horror in Translation: 8 Chilling Reads From Around the World

Readers can find plenty of horror fiction on bookstore shelves here in America, but what about horror fiction around the world? What kinds of stories do, for example, Japanese horror/specula...
Fergster's Blog · 2W ago

Physicists Find Another Gravitational Wave to Suggest Einstein Was Right

Artist's conception of two black holes merging, similar to the ones detected by LIGO.Three billion years ago, two black holes collided to form a larger one. In the process, they produced a m...
Fergster's Blog · 2W ago

Aurora Australis: Riddles, Promises, and Threads

Welcome back to Aurora Australis, a monthly round-up of publishing news and highlights from Australia and New Zealand!Read the full article: Aurora Australis: Riddles, Promises, and Threads
Fergster's Blog · 2W ago

Amazon Now Has Every Issue of Omni, the Scifi 'Magazine of the Future'

Omni Magazine, one of the most iconic science fiction publications in history, is back. Jerrick Media has released the entire 200-issue archive on Amazon, with select proceeds going to help ...
Fergster's Blog · 2W ago

NASA Can't Wait To Plunge Itself Straight Into The Sun

Today, NASA reminded the world it will soon be performing the ultimate act of wish fulfillment on behalf of all humanity: in summer 2018, the space agency plans to launch a probe right into ...