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Fergster's Other Blog · 2W ago

Coming South Park game is harder for black characters

Writers from John Scalzi to author Shannon Sullivan have called being white living life in “easy mode” when compared to the treatment that people of color receive. Read the full article: Com...
Fergster's Other Blog · 1M ago

Joy of sticks: 10 greatest video game controllers

From Atari’s CX joystick to the Oculus Touch, here are our favourites Read the full article: Joy of sticks: 10 greatest video game controllers Tagged: controllers, gaming, The Guardian
Fergster's Other Blog · 2M ago

Now you’re playing with super power! Nintendo announces Super NES Classic Edition

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo’s follow-up console to the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System, launched in 1991 and introduced what many consider some of the greatest ...
Fergster's Other Blog · 3M ago

E3 2017: All the Nintendo Trailers, Including Super Mario Odyssey and More!

All the Nintendo trailers from the E3 2017 presentation including Super Mario Odyssey and more! Following their press conference at E3 2017, Nintendo has released all their trailers and game...
Fergster's Other Blog · 5M ago

Miitopia heading to 3DS later this year

We’ve known about Miitopia for a little while, having been released in Japan a while back. But now we have official word it’s releasing outside of Japan sometime later this year. An RPG type...
Fergster's Other Blog · 5M ago

Nintendo celebrating Kirby’s 25th Anniversary with a range of games on 3DS

It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Kirby series and Nintendo has a trio of games on the Nintendo 3DS to help celebrate. Two of them were revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct. The first is o...
Fergster's Other Blog · 5M ago

Hey! Pikmin and new Pikmin amiibo release on July 29th

Nintendo has announced the final name for the Pikmin 3DS title, it’s now called Hey! Pikmin. It will be released in Australia on July 29th. On the same, day a new Pikmin amiibo will be relea...
Fergster's Other Blog · 6M ago

Super Mario Run finally hits Android on March 23rd

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Run will finally arrive on Android on March 23rd. If you haven’t already you can pre-register for the game now in Google Play store. On the same day, ...
Fergster's Other Blog · 6M ago

First Images from Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Telltale Games and Marvel Entertainment have revealed the first official images from their upcoming Marvel video game, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series! Check them out in the gal...
Fergster's Other Blog · 6M ago

Gorgeous Legend Of Zelda Chess Set Available For Pre-Order

While everyone is probably still occupied with Breath of the Wild, Merchoid have just put this gorgeous Ocarina of Time themed chess set up for pre-order in the US. Read the full article: Go...