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Fifi Lapin · 2W ago

Fenty X Puma

Today I'm wearing Fenty X Puma Anyone else hitting the gym this week? Come on, let's work off those mince pies! bunny kissesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 2M ago

Fifi fans Christmas discount code

Hello Fifi Fans!So nice to speak to you again. I wanted to show you some of the lovely new prints in my shop and to give you a heads up about my early bird Christmas discount code. From now ...
Fifi Lapin · 3M ago

More Gucci Gucci goodness!

...Of course I couldnt resist nabbing some Gucci for myself in the form of this little 80'...
Fifi Lapin · 3M ago

Gucci Fever

So I couldn't resist pulling a few strings to get this outfit for Sonny from the Gucci SS18 show the other day. As soon as I clapped eyes on it I just new it was perfect for him. I'm not sur...
Fifi Lapin · 4M ago

Miu Miu

 Boom - Today Ruby and I are wearing Miu Miu. Watch out Autumn/Winter, we're coming for you!
Fifi Lapin · 5M ago


Today I'm wearing Chloe SS17
Fifi Lapin · 7M ago

RED Valentino

Today I am wearing RED ValentinoDid you know that the 'RED' in Valentino's little sister line stands for 'Romantic Eccentric Dress'well now you know!bunny kissesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 7M ago

Recent doodles

Some recent doodles I have done for my friends in Korea.bunny kissesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 7M ago

LF Markey

Today I'm wearing LF Markey - The sun shines and so I shine.Have a beautiful day! bunny kissesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 7M ago

Bunny in Red

Tomorrow is voting day and I don't mind telling you I am just a wincy bit excited because...