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Fifi Lapin · 1W ago


Today I'm wearing Chloe SS17
Fifi Lapin · 1M ago

RED Valentino

Today I am wearing RED ValentinoDid you know that the 'RED' in Valentino's little sister line stands for 'Romantic Eccentric Dress'well now you know!bunny kissesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 1M ago

Recent doodles

Some recent doodles I have done for my friends in Korea.bunny kissesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 2M ago

LF Markey

Today I'm wearing LF Markey - The sun shines and so I shine.Have a beautiful day! bunny kissesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 2M ago

Bunny in Red

Tomorrow is voting day and I don't mind telling you I am just a wincy bit excited because...
Fifi Lapin · 2M ago


Today I'm wearing Chanel SS17It's a furturistic rappa bunny kind of a look. Trust me, ling...
Fifi Lapin · 3M ago

Sephora Collaboration

I recently did a little Instagram takeover for those purveyors of cute and colourful makeup Sephora. It was a real joy to play with all the lovely freebies and I went a bit wild with the lip...
Fifi Lapin · 4M ago

Hop into Spring with the Fifi Lapin sale!

Hello dears, I'm having a spring clean of my little shop for the whole month of April which means there are lots of bargain to be had. Hop over for a peek... but hurry once they're gone the...
Fifi Lapin · 5M ago

Stella McCartney

Today I'm wearing Stella McCartney SS17Did you see her dancing models at the Winter collections? bunny kisssesFifi Lapinxxx
Fifi Lapin · 5M ago

Ace & Jig

Today I'm wearing Ace & Jig SS17bunny kisssesFifi Lapinxxx