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Finding your Past · 15h ago

Saturday's Society : Deutscher Kriegerverein (DKV)

German immigrants who fought in the Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War established the Deutscher Kriegerverein,or the German Veterans Society, on December 1, 1889.  Members paid dues amou...
Finding your Past · 21h ago

Vandalized Jewish Cemetery in Philly Being Restored

Recently a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia was targeted by vandals numerous times. A plan is underway to restore the 175 gravestones that were toppled. Joe Ferrannini of Grave Stone Matters ...
Finding your Past · 1d ago

Friday Funny

As a youngster my grandmother would sometimes bring me to the cemetery when I asked her. Not yet old enough to drive, I remember loading shovels into her car to help turn over stones that ha...
Finding your Past · 3d ago

Wordless Wednesday : Huyck Memorial Park

Huyck Memorial Park, Rensselaer, NY
Finding your Past · 4d ago

Tombstone Tuesday : Joseph Kline Emmet

This week's Tombstone Tuesday is on the mausoleum vault of Irish-American Joseph Kline Emmet (1841-1891). His family vault is located in Albany Rural Cemetery. Emmet was a stage actor who su...
Finding your Past · 1w ago

Saturday's Society : International German Genealogy Partnership

The International German Genealogy Partnership's slogan is " Uniting German Genealogy Researchers Worldwide." The IGGP is a group of partner societies interested in German Genealogy. The par...
Finding your Past · 1W ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here is a throwback picture supposedly from the first St. Patrick's Day parade in Albany. Walter A. Sheahan, my grandmother's first cousin was the parade Grand Marsh...
Finding your Past · 1W ago

Blog Anniversary

Just a quick note that tomorrow, 18 March 2017 this blog will be three years old. Until recently I have not been posting articles as regularly as I should have. Hopefully my momentum is roll...
Finding your Past · 1W ago

Friday Funny

Not so much a funny but definitely a strong truth.
Finding your Past · 1W ago

Wordless Wednesday

City Flag of Oosterhout, Province of Noord Brabant, NetherlandsHomeland of my Koreman Clan