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Fireflies & Laserbeams · 9M ago

Passengers. It didn’t suck!

Let me say up front that there will be spoilerish things in this post.
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

Dune Abides...I mean...

I saw a book being advertised on the interwebs. It was a new cover for Dune, but I mistook it initially as saying Dude. The image refused to leave my brain, so it must be purged. This is wha...
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

Christmas at Our House - A Photo Essay

My wife loves to decorate for Christmas. 
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

Cover reveal for J.L. Gribble's new book - STEEL MAGIC

A good friend of mine is set to release her latest book in July. But the new cover is out today! Here are the details:Title:Steel MagicSeries:Steel Empires Book 2Author:J.L. GribbleGenre:Urb...
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago


        I've been thinking about this for awhile now. This isn't about partisan politics, it's satireabout a personality, maybe even a Cult of Personality. The personality being housed in th...
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

Communicating in the 21st Century

Creative Commons Anne Worner- CommunicationI recently watched a video of Celeste Headlee doing a TED talk on 10 Ways to have a better conversation. Celeste's TED TalkIt was sadly eye-opening...
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

Still Holding Out

            I'm about six years into this writing adventure. I have two novels that I feel are completed and ready for sale. I have four other novels in various stages of development. Trying...
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

The Writer's Lexicon is Updated

I’m actively compiling this list to benefit writers of varying levels of immersion in the waters of authordom, to help us look less stupid or simply to help you navigate the world of writing...
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

Review of Steel Victory by J. L. Gribble

J. L. Gribble has created a captivating alternate reality in her debut novel, full of magic and vampires and were-creatures. The story centers around a centuries old female vampire named Vic...
Fireflies & Laserbeams · 10M ago

Review of Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer

        Full disclosure, I've read all of the Twilight books, and The Host, and I enjoyed them all to varying degrees. I credit Stephenie Meyer with getting me to write. The thing I enjoy ab...