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First Service Insurance · 2d ago

Advice From Dummies: Smart Auto Insurance Tips

Kirk has an auto accident and Crystal tells him how to smartly save money on his insurance in the future.
First Service Insurance · 5d ago

Protect Your Home Against An Earthquake

This video is from the Insurance Information Institute.
First Service Insurance · 1w ago

4 Things Contractors Should Know About Contractors Insurance

Any company involved in construction work, building maintenance or installation and repair...
First Service Insurance · 1W ago

Social Media and Emergency Planning

While writing about social media and emergency preparedness, NFPA Journal staff writer Fred Durso discovered that if you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse you're prepared for anything. Le...
First Service Insurance · 2W ago

General Contractors Insurance Policies

In the construction business, General Contractors operate as the traffic director on a project. With this responsibility comes some liabilities to help protect your business. General Contrac...
First Service Insurance · 2W ago

The Basic Info Regarding Contractors Insurance

Contractor liability insurances are the monetary protection which building contractors any...
First Service Insurance · 2W ago

Informed Citizen: Homeowners Insurance

There are many parts to a typical homeowners insurance policy and it's important to understand them all. The Informed Citizen interviews two homeowners to see what they know and is here to ...
First Service Insurance · 3W ago

Disaster Planning With Pets

It's an all too common tragedy, beloved pets lost or abandoned in the wake of a disaster. The Insurance Information Institute says there are steps you can take now to protect yourself, your ...
First Service Insurance · 3W ago

The i's On Insurance: Auto Coverage: You're In The Driver's Seat

Car Insurance is something every driver needs, but how much do you really know about your auto coverage? 'Tune in to "Auto Coverage: You're in the Driver's Seat to know more about the differ...
First Service Insurance · 4W ago

Texting While Driving: How Dangerous Is It? - CAR and DRIVER

We investigate if sending messages on your phone while driving is more LOL than OMFG.