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First Service Insurance · 1d ago

Evacuation: The 10 Minute Challenge

Two families take the Ten Minute Challenge to see if they can evacuate their homes in just ten minutes. Erica and Jason Bish have prepared ahead of time and know what to pack and who will do...
First Service Insurance · 4d ago

It’s A Big World. Let’s Protect It Together.

We believe that only by working together can those of us whose work affects the safety of others — from electricians to engineers to first responders — build a network of intelligence to kee...
First Service Insurance · 1w ago

Federal Tax Reform

Reviewing federal tax reform efforts at the CalChamber Capitol Summit on May 31, 2017 is Lanhee J. Chen of the Hoover Institution.
First Service Insurance · 1W ago

Overcome Small Business Cash Flow Woes

Whether it’s extending payables as long as possible or maintaining cash reserves, small business owners have a lot of tools at their disposal to help create more breathing room. Here are fiv...
First Service Insurance · 1W ago

Government-Run Health Care Proposal Update

CalChamber Policy Advocate Karen Sarkissian provides the latest information on the government-run health care proposal at the CalChamber Capitol Summit on May 31, 2017.
First Service Insurance · 2W ago

Small Businesses Can Beat Big-Box Stores At Their Own Game

It might not seem like it at times, but small business owners have a lot of advantages over their bigger competitors. Whether it’s offering better customer service or providing higher qualit...
First Service Insurance · 2W ago

Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers are involved in four times as many fatal crashes than any other age group. On average, six thousand teens are killed each year in crashes that often involve alcohol. Neil Ber...
First Service Insurance · 3W ago

CalChamber - Helping Businesses Thrive

How California Chamber of Commerce helps business entrepreneurs like 2017 Chair Susan Corrales-Diaz of Systems Integrated do well and create jobs.See more at
First Service Insurance · 3W ago

Contractor's Insurance Requirements : Insurance Information

There are a few specific requirements that you're going to have to meet if you want to obtain contractors insurance. Learn about contractors insurance requirements with help from an insuranc...
First Service Insurance · 3W ago

Definition Of Business Insurance

Definition of Business Insurance. Part of the series: Overview Of Insurance. Business insurance, unlike personal insurance, protects the entity instead of the individual. Learn about the def...