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First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 10M ago

Leading Change

Managing change is really about leading change by influencing people to voluntarily embrace the change and align themselves with where the organization is going. The only way to lead change ...
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 1Y ago

11 Questions to Learn How Effective a Leader You Are

The latest look at what types of leaders produce the best results based on Don Shapiro's experience and review of major research on leadership, employee engagement, employee retention and st...
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 11M ago

Is there such a thing as a bad leader?

People can be bad. Bosses can be bad. People can do bad things and influence others to do bad things. Maybe it's time to stop calling these people leaders. We are overusing the term leader a...
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 12M ago

Don’s Leadership Story

Don Shapiro has spent a lifetime learning about leadership and what type of leaders produce the best results that started all the way back at Hollywood High School. This is his story.
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 1Y ago

What Is A Leader and What Is Leadership?

Too many definitions and not enough clarity may be holding too many back from becoming truly effective leaders There are more definitions for the terms leader and leadership than anyone coul...
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 1Y ago

The Five Myths of Leadership

If we focus more precisely on what makes one a leader, we can develop a lot more people into effective leaders Leadership has taken on a lot of baggage over the years. I believe people have ...
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 1Y ago

Successful Teamwork Means One Plus One Equals Three

7 keys to successful teamwork. Effective teamwork can do more than we can do by ourselves but it takes a combination of factors to produce great results.
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 1Y ago

Every Child a Leader

If we can develop children into leaders, they will grow up to be better parents, workers and citizens as well as better handle peer pressure and bullying.
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 1Y ago

Teamwork and Leadership

As the use of teams continues to grow and those teams are often made up of individuals from different locations, organizations and cultures, the need for more team members to be effective le...
First Concepts Consultants, Inc. · 1Y ago

Everyone Needs to Lead Some of the Time

Leadership development isn't just for those with the management titles. In the best run operations, hourly employees lead some of the time.