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flameinthesnow · 2W ago


I let you go,but you remainwhere devotion lingerswith leaf-curtains drawn;and dreams gather inpools of verdigris;where clouds are knit withcrystalline seamsand the sun in the citadelexhales ...
flameinthesnow · 1M ago

Of Molluscs - May Sarton

Of MolluscsAs the tide rises, the closed molluscOpens a fraction to the ocean's food,Bathed in its riches. Do not askWhat force would do, or if force could.A knife is of no use against a for...
flameinthesnow · 2M ago

En plein air - in memoriam Andrew Bellon

A dreamless sleep fallsfrom the shimmering leaves.--Sappho fragment, tr. Andrew BellonI changed,thickened,deepened, traveled,mused by pools,crumbled, stretched,tilled fields of clouds,
flameinthesnow · 3M ago

Rachmaninov Concerto No.2, Op.18 (Sviatoslav Richter, 1959)

flameinthesnow · 3M ago

I know a cure (Mirabai)

I know a cure for sadness:Let your hands touch something thatmakes your eyessmile.I bet there are a hundred objects close bythat can do that.Look atbeauty's gift to us-her power so great she...
flameinthesnow · 3M ago

and then he said

That evening, I was perched on the edge of my chair, tapping away on Tanya's keyboard, ignoring his presence on purpose. I was avoiding any attempt to appear attractive. I could have been we...
flameinthesnow · 4M ago

a light

A LIGHT exists in spring   Not present on the year At any other period.   When March is scarcely here   A color stands abroad           On solitary hills That silence cannot overtake,   But ...
flameinthesnow · 5M ago

music: consciousness, conscience

A wintry night. Huddled in the foothills against the cold, the forest exhales in silence. The moon blinks. I hear a rustling: the cat is stalking shadows in the darkness.I open my eyes befor...
flameinthesnow · 6M ago

Reading Requiem in a Small Town

It was an extraordinary ending to a Friday which had already been painted in shades of surreal by the ceremonies which had taken place earlier in the day.Although I was driving as fast as I ...
flameinthesnow · 8M ago

The Phoenix-Bird (Marina Tsvetaeva)

What is not needed by others, bring to me:Everything must be burned in my fire.I lure life, and I attract deathInto the airy gift of my flame.My flame loves lightweight materials:Last year's...