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flameinthesnow · 2W ago

when trees as gilded as bees

Above the 61st parallel, the colors of Autumn mark our parting with the bees, and the last days of real warmth.I had begun to translate another poem of Mandelstam's which I enjoy, but then I...
flameinthesnow · 2W ago

two Mandelstam poems

Because moods flutter onto our shoulders like cloaks and then dart away, as the young Osip Mandelstam knew well. He wrote this at around age 20, while traveling in Berlin. I am not quite hap...
flameinthesnow · 1M ago


flameinthesnow · 1M ago

the head of the brother of Chernomor

Anyone familiar with the story of Ruslan and Ludmila will recall the Learned Cat, who appears briefly at the beginning of the Pushkin's poem, and then mysteriously disappears.But I have long...
flameinthesnow · 1M ago

the laughing stones

Yesterday afternoon, after I had gathered the usual batch of raspberries, it seemed like a fitting time to pick a bouquet of yarrow and mint.  My favorite of the three varieties of mint in m...
flameinthesnow · 1M ago

the eagle's cry

We cannot live in a world that is interpreted for us by others. An interpreted world is not a hope. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening. To use our own voice. To see our own...
flameinthesnow · 2M ago


I let you go,but you remainwhere devotion lingerswith leaf-curtains drawn;and dreams gather inpools of verdigris;where clouds are knit withcrystalline seamsand the sun in the citadelexhales ...
flameinthesnow · 3M ago

Of Molluscs - May Sarton

Of MolluscsAs the tide rises, the closed molluscOpens a fraction to the ocean's food,Bathed in its riches. Do not askWhat force would do, or if force could.A knife is of no use against a for...
flameinthesnow · 4M ago

En plein air - in memoriam Andrew Bellon

A dreamless sleep fallsfrom the shimmering leaves.--Sappho fragment, tr. Andrew BellonI changed,thickened,deepened, traveled,mused by pools,crumbled, stretched,tilled fields of clouds,
flameinthesnow · 4M ago

Rachmaninov Concerto No.2, Op.18 (Sviatoslav Richter, 1959)