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Flibbertigibbet · 1h ago

France secretly speaking English for years

Covert recordings, taken at Emmanuel Macron’s post-election rally, reveal thousands of revellers may have been faking their French chants of support.  On the tape, President Macron’s voice c...
Flibbertigibbet · 3d ago

Caption Competition: By gum, that glass is clean!

WINNER: By gum, that glass is clean! (from Inchcock) This month’s photo come courtesy of: DATE: 27th may 2017 ‘So, this is the only car the UK will be … Continue reading →
Flibbertigibbet · 1d ago

Grieving families helped by smug Tweet

While Manchester attempts to recover from a terrorist atrocity, many on social media helpfully took the time to explain how pleased they were to be proven ‘right’.  Fortunately we have … Con...
Flibbertigibbet · 5d ago

Trump looks for new director of the FIB

The White House has issued a directive to replace the FBI with a Federal Bureau of Fabrication, Invention and ‘general Bullsh$t’.  A spokeswoman explained that the outgoing director, James C...
Flibbertigibbet · 6d ago

The Sun no longer measured in Kelvin

As all physicists and Liverpudlians agree, ‘The Sun’ newspaper is a fiery ball of hate, at the centre of the Murdoch Universe.  However star-gazers and star-hackers are concerned that increa...
Flibbertigibbet · 1w ago

Nation ‘ok’ with taxing Laura Kuenssberg

While the electorate may be sceptical about Jeremy Corbyn, the majority seem unified behind the manifesto pledge ‘to wipe the sneering smile’ off the face of the BBC’s political editor.  … C...
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

Custodial sentence for ‘meja studies’, says Judge

According to Judge Ian Pringle QC working towards a medical degree will now exempt you from prison but, he warned, those on the other end of the ‘talent’ spectrum should … Continue reading →
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

Caption Competition: ‘Just picture Diane Abbott naked… no, wait, that’s not helping!’

WINNER: ‘Just picture Diane Abbott naked… no, wait, that’s not helping!’ (from Tim Frost) This month’s photo come courtesy of: DATE: 20th May 2017 RUNNERS UP There there, never mind!...
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

May promises to stock food banks with fox meat

While Jeremy Corbyn has made an unwelcome pledge to solve irrelevant issues, such as Education, the NHS and World Peace.  Theresa May has had the courage to tackle the real … Continue readin...
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

Blair supports rewriting records from before 2005

The ex-Pm and future-inmate, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, has surprisingly come out in favour of erasing pre-2005 World Records; particularly those that relate to WMD or that other ‘travest...