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Flibbertigibbet · 18h ago

Caption Competition

Readers of Flib are asked to submit their caption for this week’s image via the reply button or a direct message to @Wrenfoe on twitter. The closing date for the … Continue reading →
Flibbertigibbet · 2d ago

Nation admits ‘Mindfulness’ is a ‘crock of sh$t’

While experts acknowledge that the UK has the emotional resilience of blancmange, many now agree that ‘mindfulness’ is just a scam to sell books, josticks and to fill up Spa … Continue readi...
Flibbertigibbet · 3d ago

NHS charges Hamilton for ‘parking at work’

Despite his victory at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton has had his Mercedes impounded until he pays the outstanding ticket for his pit-stop on lap 32.  As with all NHS Staff, Mr … Continue readi...
Flibbertigibbet · 4d ago

Hammond: ‘Public servants are oversexed, overpaid and over here’

While plucky Brexit Ministers are fighting for our freedom on the Continent, many public workers stationed in Britain are flaunting their wealth.  Firefighters line the streets offering nylo...
Flibbertigibbet · 5d ago

Pub landlord admits he is not an interior designer

Much to the surprise of locals and art historians, Malcolm Broadbridge (of Shanklin’s ‘Red Lion’) has confessed that his eclectic decor was not due to five years studying at La … Continue re...
Flibbertigibbet · 1w ago

Caption Competition: Disneyland Raqqa was still struggling to attract visitors. (from Al O’Pecia)

WINNER: Disneyland Raqqa was still struggling to attract visitors. (from Al O’Pecia) This month’s photo come courtesy of: DATE: 16th July 2017 RUNNERS UP New Ride “The Occupia” Here ...
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

Ban on child sex robots sitting SATs

While two-fifths of primary pupils have failed their curriculum exams, three-fifths passed because their canny parents used an android-surrogate. Originally, robot ethicists had been concern...
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

Chilcot: ‘Blair is a lying bastard, I’m not sure I can be any clearer?’

A year after the ‘Who put Pinocchio in charge?’ report was published, Sir John Chilcot has felt the need to clarify his position on everyone’s favourite ‘lying sack of sh$t’.  … Continue rea...
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

Ivanka replaces Cersei as everyone’s favourite Queen Regent

The G20 summit was surprised to find that Ivanka Trump had assumed the mantle of President of the United States, Lord of Twitter and Protector of the Seven Kingdoms (all … Continue reading →
Flibbertigibbet · 1W ago

Even the Big Bad Wolf questions UK’s building regulations

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, over 600 UK buildings have been labelled dangerously unfit to house cockroaches, let alone a family of pigs.  Normally the Big Bad Wolf would fully … Conti...