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Flossie Benton Rogers Conjuring the Magic

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Julie Holmes

Reads about: romance, writing, reading, paranormal, author

S-Mu Mi

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Liza O'Connor

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Barry Denham

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Angie Dubisher

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Iris Blobel

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Cliff Wallace

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Sherry Gloag

Reads about: writing, books, romance, author spotlights, guest authors

Kathleen Tighe Ball Author of western romance. I write books with great emotion and memorable characters

Reads about: books, romance, writing, reviews, reading

Judy Ann Lashinski D...

Reads about: books, writing, authors, reading, romance

Karen Ingalls Retired RN, author, and cancer survivor. Interested in health/wellness, spirituality, and human beha...

Reads about: love, relationships, spirituality, health, nature

Peggy Rose Palumbo

Reads about: romance, paranormal, author

Tammi Kale

Reads about: writing, life, the beach, family, marketing to moms

Catalina Egan Author of historical novel THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS and contemporary fiction series Defining Ways . Cata...

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Tina Mcclay

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Richard Smiraldi

Reads about: books, book reviews, writing, paranormal, authors

Jennifer Davies

Reads about: writing, romance, books, spirituality, publishing

Flossie Benton Roger... Paranormal romance author Conjuring the Magic with goddesses, fairies, warriors, angels, demons, da...

Reads about: writing, books, romance, reviews, author

Morgan Wyatt

Reads about: books, author, young adult, writing, romance

Tamera Mcintosh

Reads about: books, romance, reading, reviews, book reviews

Cindy A. Christianse... Proactive mom, dog lover, book writer, clock restorer.
I write sweet romance with humor, suspense.....

Reads about: romance, books, publishing, writing, author

Carrie Holley

Reads about: books, reviews, writing, romance, paranormal romance

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