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Flutter & Hum · 14h ago

Wednesday Vignette – solar worship

I think we’re all a little guilty of solar worship this week. Even the bumble bees were vying for the best spot in the house.
Flutter & Hum · 2d ago

In a Vase on Monday – berries and fennel

For a couple of years now, I have seen blog posts roll by, partaking in a wonderful blog meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, called ‘In a Vase on Monday’. The idea is that you ca...
Flutter & Hum · 3d ago

Ikebana – a brief overview of Japanese flower arrangements

At various library sales, I found two wonderful little books, dating back to the mid-1950’s, explaining the art of Japanese flower arrangements. Both were written to demystify Japan to forei...
Flutter & Hum · 1w ago

Blooms and foliage – August 2017

This has been a terrible summer for me, in terms of keeping up on blog memes – I have missed several months worth… Once (or was it twice?), I even missed my own, and had to play catch-up lat...
Flutter & Hum · 1w ago

Wednesday Vignette – climbing wall

A gentle reminder that how we experience the universe, is largely a matter of scale.
Flutter & Hum · 2W ago

Wednesday Vignette – horizon lines and reflections

The past week was filled with new impressions from new (to me) places. A walk through a harbor isn’t necessarily a new experience, but it is one that every time I do it, makes me sadly aware...
Flutter & Hum · 3W ago

Wednesday Vignette – something in the air

I don’t have allergies – at least not yet. Other members of my family do, and when pollen season sets in, I count my blessings. The other day, if you stood just right, so the ridge of the ro...
Flutter & Hum · 4W ago

Wednesday Vignette – foliar flair

This week’s vignette is a couple of snippets of what stirs up happiness in an otherwise overwhelmed heart. It seems my days are currently broken up by gazillions of little things that need t...
Flutter & Hum · 1M ago

Wednesday Vignette – where are the young’uns?

This past weekend, the annual Hydrangea walk/talk took place at Joy Creek Nursery. Maurice – one of the co-owners, and Hydrangea connoisseur exceptionel – walked a rather large group of inte...
Flutter & Hum · 1M ago

Wednesday Vignette – missing the Rustbelt…

Went shopping for metal yesterday. It was more of a curiosity trip as I had no real goals to fulfill – I just wanted to see what was available. It’s been years since I shopped for scrap meta...