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FrankChing · 1d ago

Stairs and Stairways

  Drawing stairs and stairways in perspective can be daunting because they involve sets of parallel lines that rise or fall as they move away from us and therefore do not converge on the horizon line. Also, their multiple treads … Continue reading →
FrankChing · 1W ago

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year and welcome to the Year of the Dog. The dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is the symbol of loyalty, honesty, and responsibility. The above is a portrait...
FrankChing · 1W ago

Panama Hotel Tearoom

I joined a few other Seattle Urban Sketchers last Friday at the Panama Hotel, a National H...
FrankChing · 2W ago

Times Square Building

This iconic triangular-shaped building, situated between 4th and 5th Avenues where Olive Way splits off of Stewart Street, was designed by Bebb & Gould and completed in 1915 for the editorial offices of the Seattle Times newspaper, which occupied its...
FrankChing · 3W ago

To Notice

During drawing workshops, I often find myself pointing at things in scenes that students a...
FrankChing · 4W ago

A Westward View

The Washington State Convention Center spans the Interstate 5 freeway as well as Pike Street in downtown Seattle. From the 4th floor atrium space, one can look westward down Union Street tow...
FrankChing · 1M ago

Rainier Tower

On the way home last week after viewing the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, I noticed that the low-rise portion of Rainier Square had been demolished, exposing the iconic Rainier Tower to view on all sides. I … Continue reading →
FrankChing · 1M ago

Exchange Building 1st Avenue Lobby

Because the Exchange Building fronts on both 1st and 2nd Avenues, which are at different elevations, the elevator lobbies at both entrances are on different levels. Here is the 1st Avenue lo...
FrankChing · 1M ago

Exchange Building 2nd Avenue Lobby

This is the 2nd Avenue elevator lobby of the Exchange Building, which is situated on Marion Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in downtown Seattle. John Graham and Associates designed the Art Deco building to house grain, ore, bond, and … Continue re...
FrankChing · 1M ago

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes for a More Peaceful, Gracious, and Just New Year.