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From Here to Writernity · 10M ago


It's taken me a little over two weeks after moving to feel settled enough to get back into my routine. Writing, eating, taking a shower and even walking the dog have all been upended and out...
From Here to Writernity · 12M ago

Pardon the Interruption

Please pardon the interruption in blog posts. Okay, and honestly, it's not like I do one a week anyway. Or one a month. Although that is the goal in my head. In my head I do one a month and ...
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago

Poetry Break, Fantasy vs Reality

I'm a few days late for National Poetry Month. But poetry endures.FantasyIt doesn’t matter now.It never really mattered anyway.It was a fantasy.A ten year fantasyin which I struggled to beyo...
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago

The Heart of It: Creating Children's Books That Matter

The Heart of It: Creating Children's Books That MatterI am excited to be participating in this course by the fabulous award-winning artist and author, Maya Gonzalez and 
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago

Awesome Day With a FanGirl Moment

Today was a big day.Son (minus wisdom teeth) headed back to college (go Appalachian State!).I found out my picture book manuscript, Lois Dreamed, based on my great aunt who was a ground brea...
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago

Writing About Native Americans

Today's post is lengthy. I created it first not as a blog post, but as an addition to the online MG writing course I am currently taking through the Children's Book Academy. I noticed that a...
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago

On Obligation and Percy

After a few months of getting into the groove in my new day job (reading teacher at a new school), and several family issues, here I am at o'dark thirty on a Saturday morning before spending...
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago

Visions of Sugarplums?

The cranberry orange bread is made, sweet & spicy pecans are baked, the Honeybaked ham is ready, the trifle is ready to assemble, potatoes just need to be mashed, and I've been at my new job...
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago

How To Be A Writer Without Losing Your Mind

Ha! Thought I was going to answer that, didn't you?I can't. I have no witty, wise or wonderful words today. And as much as I need it, I sure don't have that answer. But I think John Cusick d...
From Here to Writernity · 1Y ago


I am so glad I went to the SCBWI Carolinas Fall Conference. So glad. Here's why:There was no noise outside my hotel room. When does that ever even happen? They must have had good insulation....