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From Lois' Hands · 3h ago

Back Porch Visitor

Good morning,This lovely creature visited our back porch recently. I saw this beauty when I went out of the kitchen door to put a bag of trash in the trash can.  It stayed long enough for me...
From Lois' Hands · 1d ago

Whole Wheat Cheddar and Onion Loaves

Good morning,Today's bread is Whole Wheat with Cheddar and Onion. The onion flavor is enhanced because the onions were caramelized in butter before being added to the other ingredients. This...
From Lois' Hands · 2d ago

Current Project: Babyghan

Good morning,Lavender and green are the colors of the day for a new "babyghan".  I took this picture shortly before I finished it.It will be paired with a matching crocheted doll and be avai...
From Lois' Hands · 3d ago

Banana Bread!

Good morning,The bread of the day is Banana Bread.I consulted Betty Crocker's very old cookbook that I inherited from my Mom for this one.I've added 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg to Betty's recipe....
From Lois' Hands · 4d ago

Puppy Pedicures

Good morning,Our pups line up to get their pedicures from Catherine.This is Wendy having her nails done while Penny waits in line for her turn.Total trust.Look carefully on the right side of...
From Lois' Hands · 4d ago

Happy Father's Day and Lily Pads

Good morning, Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads out there especially My Honey who is a fantastic Dad and Grandpa.  Today our son and grandson will be here to celebrate.  It's raining ...
From Lois' Hands · 4d ago

Today's Bread

Good morning,Here's the bread of the day.  This batch is whole wheat with cottage cheese.  I have quite a few of my bread recipes here on my blog.  Click on the image above to see my bread r...
From Lois' Hands · 1w ago

Catherine's Chicken Tortilla

Good morning,Catherine made white chicken chili recently that worked very well to make chicken tortillas. It's good to have a daughter who likes to cook! I'm not a fan of Mexican food, but t...
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Patio Project

Good morning,The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in Cincinnati this Spring.  We spend a great deal of time on our patio enjoying the weather, the birds, and the garden.I take different ...
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Flag Day - United States of America

Flag DayUnited States of America