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From Lois' Hands · 12h ago

Honeysuckle in Bloom

Good morning,We have a tremendous amount of honeysuckle bushes on our property.The honeysuckle is in bloom now.  When you open the door in the morning the glorious aroma of the flowers greet...
From Lois' Hands · 1d ago

The Vikings Came to Town

Good morning,The Vikings came to Cincinnati in the form of an exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.As we approached the Museum Center, we noticed it is being renovated.  You may recognize...
From Lois' Hands · 1d ago

Robin in the Tree Top

Good morning,We are truly enjoying the warm Spring days as are the birds in our garden.  We were sitting on the patio when I snapped these images with the camera on my phone.The weather here...
From Lois' Hands · 1d ago

Erik in Charge

Good morning,I took this image at the end of tax season when Catherine was working most of the night and just coming home to take a shower and go back to her office.Early one morning she sat...
From Lois' Hands · 4d ago

Fruit Feeder - It's for the birds!

Good morning,My Honey enjoys wood working, bird watching, and photography.To combine them all, he built a fruit bird feeder.  We can put apples in this feeder as well as oranges. We're still...
From Lois' Hands · 5d ago

Marzipan Candy

Good morning,Last week I asked My Honey what he wanted for Easter and he'd like Marzipan.  Growing up in Norway, Marzipan Candy was a special treat for both Easter and Christmas.I looked up ...
From Lois' Hands · 6d ago

Three Fish and a Worm

Good morning,We had a heavy, steady Spring rain recently, so our gold fish pond not only was filled with more water, but earth worms came in with it.Although there were plenty of worms washe...
From Lois' Hands · 1w ago

Herb Garden Coming Soon

Good morning,My Honey is planning a wood herb garden planter.  We are pot shopping!Stay tuned!Lois
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Welcome Robins!

Good morning,Robins are a wonderful sign of Spring!  What we love about them is how friendly they are.  We can be out working in the garden and they'll move in close and stay there.We love S...
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Am I supposed to fetch these?

Good morning,Wendy is enjoying the new pile of wood in the back yard.  She can't "fetch" them......but she can chew on them.  They must not taste very good because the chewing didn't last ve...