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From Lois' Hands · 7h ago

All Wound Up

Good morning,At the end of the day we wind up the pups and put them on the bed until morning.  ;)Well, actually, we convince them they should gather in the center toward the foot of the bed ...
From Lois' Hands · 1d ago

Lab School for our Kids!

Good morning,So, we were driving to the post office to drop off some packages when I noticed the sticker to the left of the license plate on the car in front of us.Here's a closer look.  We ...
From Lois' Hands · 2d ago

My Side of the Bed

Good morning,When I was ready to get into bed last night I discovered my space was occupied.  I got a kick out of how carefully they had spaced themselves.I convinced them to move into the m...
From Lois' Hands · 2d ago

Progress on the Bar Recreation Room

Good morning,We are nowhere near finished yet, but progress continues on our bar recreation room.Kjell is working on making the bar stools now.  We also have to go get a rug we've already se...
From Lois' Hands · 2d ago

Two Lap Dogs on One Lap

Good morning,My Honey spent a good part of his day in his wood workshop.  When he is using most of his tools, I keep the pups upstairs where they can't get hurt or distract Dad while he is a...
From Lois' Hands · 5d ago

Chicken Chili ala Catherine

Good morning,This is a Catherine dish that was quite good.It's an open-face tortilla meal for those of us who are very sloppy when we try to roll them up and eat them. Catherine made chicken...
From Lois' Hands · 6d ago

Herb Garden and Happy St. Patrick's Day

Good morning,My Honey and I saw this at Home Depot.  I took a picture to remind us to make one at home.  ;)It would be a great place to grow shamrocks, too! Happy St. Patrick's Day!Lois
From Lois' Hands · 1w ago

Document Destruction Supervisor

Good morning,This is my Document Destruction Supervisor.  I had some documents I didn't want to put in the trash and hated to spend the time shredding them, so I used them to heat the living...
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Awww, So Much for the Warm Weather

Good morning,One day we have warm weather, then the next day this.  Our Daffs were not happy about our most recent snow. Perhaps tomorrow the weather will change again.Lois
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Wine and Cheese for Two

Good morning,The weather finally was warm enough to enjoy the patio for a couple of hours. So, here's one glass of wine...  Here's a second glass of wine.... Here's My Honey taking a picture...