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From Lois' Hands · 1d ago

Welcome Spring!

From Lois' Hands · 2d ago

Fish Soup

Good morning,My Honey made fish soup on St. Patrick's Day and it was oh, so good!We considered adding a little green food coloring, but decided the green bowl was enough to celebrate the hol...
From Lois' Hands · 3d ago

CNC Project Preview

Good morning,Kjell has programmed his CNC machine to engrave a lovely design in walnut wood for the top of a hand crafted box.  Seeing how the machine engraves the designs he prepares on his...
From Lois' Hands · 4d ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Good morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day!Today's the day for the wearing of the green.  We're all Irish today so I'll be wearing green, but no green beer for me.  How about you?Enjoy the day...
From Lois' Hands · 5d ago

The Snow is Gone. The Sun is Out. But, it's always something....

Good morning,The snow is gone and the sun is out, but it is still cool outside. Yesterday morning when I took the pups to the kitchen to let them out at dawn I heard a terrible thumping soun...
From Lois' Hands · 5d ago

Boneless Ribs

Good morning,It was still snowing yesterday morning so I baked boneless ribs in the oven. Basic food.  It made the house smell wonderful all day and was delicious when we finally sat down to...
From Lois' Hands · 5d ago

Cincinnati Weather

Good morning,Yes, that's snow.  No, it's not welcome here.  Yes, this is typical for Cincinnati.That clump of daffodils is barely visible out there in the snow.  That's the same clump of daf...
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Spring Flowers Inside and Outside

Good morning,The daffodils are blooming and I enjoy going out to see more of them every morning.  The large King Alfred Daffodils have been blooming in the same spot for nearly 40 years.I ad...
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Waiting Patiently

Good morning,Those sweet pups are all lined up giving me the "stare" treatment.  It's almost dinner time and they would like for me to believe it is much earlier every evening.  Kjell took a...
From Lois' Hands · 1W ago

Hi Mom!

Good morning,So, I pushed in the desk tray that holds my computer keyboard and look who is here!Miss Wendy is always nearby.I love that pup!;),Lois