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From the Friars · 6d ago

Father Andrew Apostoli

from our friend Anthony Scillia:Congratulations to Father Andrew Apostoli, CFR, on his Silver Jubilee!! Fifty years ago today, Father was ordained to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ by f...
From the Friars · 1W ago

When God Speaks from Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, CFR. The Transfiguration prepared them for the Crucifixion. Jesus' life was not taken from him, r...
From the Friars · 1W ago

2nd Sunday of Lent from Fr. Jeremiah, CFR. In the Transfiguration Jesus reveals to us His glory, that He is not ju...
From the Friars · 2W ago

Divine Desire

O Heavenly Father,look on us, your children.Through the discipline of Lenthelp us to grow in our desire for you.
From the Friars · 2W ago

Lenten Paradox

O Lord, May our generosity today bring joy to those in need, in helping them may we find you. #Lent
From the Friars · 3W ago


Podcast by Deacon Br. Giles Barrie, CFR. Penance, punishment, and the Franciscan life. iTunes
From the Friars · 4W ago

Hand of God at Work

God's Fatherly providence works within our free will:I'm visiting family in Indiana. I randomly chose a place for breakfast with a friend, turns out our waitress is preparing for baptism and...
From the Friars · 1M ago

True Love on Valentines Day

#ValentinesDay  #StValentinesDay Catholic definition of #LOVE: ❤️always connected to what is true and good,🎵 more than a feeling 🎵
From the Friars · 1M ago

Abandoned by God (is it possible?)

Podcast from Fr. Jeremiah, CFR. The feeling of being abandoned by God is perhaps one of the most common human experiences. However, we must ask, is it true? Is it possible for God to abandon...
From the Friars · 1M ago

Heart of Homelessness

podcast from Br. John Mary, CFR. A moving story from the streets of New York City.