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From the Friars · 2d ago


Podcast from Br. Gabriel and Fr. Luke. Just back from a great retreat, we discuss the question of identity. Who am I? Listen to learn more! i...
From the Friars · 1W ago

Divinization: The Fullness of Christian Life

Podcast by Fr. Jeremiah, CFR iTunes ...
From the Friars · 2W ago

Why Lourdes is Famous

Lourdes is famous for many reasons, most of which is that everyone who comes receives graces of healing and graces of gratitude.  I was privileged the other day to visit the baths with my gr...
From the Friars · 2W ago

Down Wind

A deer’s sense of smell is at least 500 times greater than humans, and they can smell you up to a half mile away. Hence the sale of deer urine to squirt on boots, sent-blocking sprays, and l...
From the Friars · 3W ago

How Jesus Brings It All Together

Podcast from Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, CFR. The risen Jesus offered the first bible study while on the road to Emmaus. Finally it all makes sense, it all fits together. Jesus wants to teach us...
From the Friars · 3W ago

Our 30 Year Anniversary Today

On this Easter Friday the Friars celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our founding. Time has flown and gray beards have grown. It is a special day we give thanks to all of our 8 founders for ...
From the Friars · 3W ago

Coffee of the Cross

Check out this great new project!
From the Friars · 3W ago

Bronx Block Party

From the Friars · 1M ago

Humble on a Donkey from Fr. Juniper Adams, CFR. A beautiful Palm Sunday homily on the humility of Jesus Christ. Listen to learn more!! iTunesh...
From the Friars · 1M ago

Simple Stations of the Cross