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Satu Heliö

Reads about: pervasive games, star wreck, photos, ludology, filmmaking

Johan Satuli

Reads about: mental health, liberal, psychology, progressive, economics

Maria Laine

Reads about: antiikki, gaming, psychology, greens, roleplaying

Pekka Hänninen

Reads about: star wreck, internet, filmmaking

Miika Huttunen

Reads about: mmorpg, gaming, pelit

Kim Haldin

Reads about: culture, it, media

Jaana Wessman

Reads about: politics, greens, society, star wreck, finland

Katja Ranta-Aho Spending a day on Facebook has once again fooled me into believing I have an actual social life.

Reads about: politics, liberal, progressive, culture, foreign policy

Berto Détroit De La-...

Reads about: food, life, music

Henna Kallionpää

Reads about: pelit, gaming, industrial, music, band

Sini Marikki

Reads about: travel, yoga, volunteering

Jani Savikko

Reads about: gelato, photos, ice cream

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