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Fuzzy Foliage · 1Y ago

What's Blooming - February 26th, 2016

Did anyone think I gave up growing African violets? No way, man!! I'm just busy. Adulting is hard!I'm only letting one flower stalk per plant open because I've got hopes of growing some show...
Fuzzy Foliage · 2Y ago

Merry Micro Sinningiamas

My African violets are all just boring foliage right now, but almost all my micro sinnies are going gangbusters! So here's some pics. (click to biggerize)whoohoo!Li'l Georgie, always a champ...
Fuzzy Foliage · 2Y ago

What's Blooming 11.06.15

Well, not a lot considering the massive tear-down a coupla weeks back. But African violet 'Kid Karla' and micro Sinningia 'Star Eyes' were first in line to show off. :)
Fuzzy Foliage · 2Y ago


Yes, I've neglected the crap outta my plants for the last year. No, I have not given up on them.Luckily, one of the greatest things about African violets is that you can always get a do-over...
Fuzzy Foliage · 2Y ago

Fall 2015 African Violet Show Season!

YAY it's that time of year! Cooler weather, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and FALL AFRICAN VIOLET SHOWS!To find shows near (or near-ish) you in the USA (and even Canada, eh?) be sure to...