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Giving It All She’s Got

Well, that was fun. The entry posted before I had written anything. Oops. I guess that’s what happens when you write a blog entry at 2:30 AM.  Let’s see…what’s been going on lately?  I’ve co... · 2M ago

Hip to be Square

I’m still annoyed about the appointment with the orthopedist. My mom was, too; so much so that she tried calling her orthopedist to see if he’d let me switch to his service. Since I’d alread... · 2M ago

Designated Fatty

My hip has been bothering me for a while now—it’s been subluxating for five years and in pretty bad pain for about six months. I finally worked up the courage to talk to a doctor about it & ... · 2M ago

Just Whinge-Ing It

Oddly enough, I was reminded of Rachel of Nottingham last week when I was awaiting a referral to an orthopedist for my five-year-long hip issue and for my year-old dad-inflicted (unintention... · 2M ago

And I’d Be Like, “Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?”

Apparently Nottingham is a boring place at night because my number one stalker felt the need to comment on my blog again. As you can see, one of its residents, who claims to be named Roslin,... · 2M ago

The Poor House

I’m still trying to raise money to fix my house, but the situation has gotten a little more dire. The city of Huntsville is giving me four months to get the repairs done, at which time they ... · 2M ago

Responses to Brett’s Tweetstorm: Part one: “Uneducated dicks with guns”

I’m not sure how many posts this will take, but I thought it was worth documenting. @brettwestny @DonnaVishio “Uneducated dicks with guns” is practically the slogan of the state of Mississip... · 4M ago

Review: Porn Star

Porn Star by Laurelin Paige My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is another book where the authors have good intentions, but don’t really execute them that well. I think it’s wonderful that Laurelin... · 4M ago

Review: Firsts

Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn My rating: 2 of 5 stars This book was good, but it wasn’t. That may not be obvious since I rated it so low. Firsts tackled some tough subjects, but it didn’t... · 5M ago

“When they go low, we go bitch.”

“When they go low, we go bitch.” Michelle Wolf, The Daily ShowRelated Posts:Review: Beautiful Bitch January 22, 2014 In the past 24 hours, for various opinions, I have had… July 6, 2011 Sep...