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Galia Alena There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth. Rumi
Galia Alena · 1M ago

A Sneak Peek...

Galia Alena · 1M ago

8 Guides for Exquiste Self Care

Recently I was asked to create a self-care plan. I kind of stumbled over the plan, imagining a schedule or timetable just didn't work for me. So I decided to base my plan on a set of princip...
Galia Alena · 1M ago

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat

I've been busy, the last few months, working away at birthing this new offering- Art is Magic's Creative Retreat. Pop over and take a look, there is an stellar line up of artists offering le...
Galia Alena · 2M ago

Final Reflections on the Sketchbook Challenge- last 10 days

I've come to the end of this challenge and while I've loved the practice, I'm also really looking forward to liberating this sketchbook from the table with the camera and setting it free int...
Galia Alena · 2M ago

Prehnite- Heal the Healer

Celebrating Samhain here in the Southern Hemisphere and sharing a little content from Circling with the Goddess with you all. This beautiful stone is one of my favourites to work with.
Galia Alena · 2M ago

Reflections on the Sketchbook Challenge- Days 11- 20

Day 13I'm 20 days into this challenge, and the craziest thing- I'm already contemplating my next challenge (more on that later)- I think I might need an intervention. What do you think? Me...
Galia Alena · 3M ago

Reflections on the Sketchbook Challenge- first 10 days

When I start these challenges I wonder about my sanity- committing to add something else to my already overflowing plate. Yet there is this way that the challenges push me to do a daily pr...
Galia Alena · 3M ago

Sketchbook Challenge- Day 1

I’ve begun another challenge- this time a Sketchbook Challenge.Seems I like to start a new challenge when I’m life is getting busy, as if I won’t have time to show up to the blank page or c...
Galia Alena · 6M ago

We start today- Infinite Possibilites & Spaciousness

"Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more" UnknownSpaciousness Infinite Possibilities Dance “At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh n...
Galia Alena · 8M ago

Heart & Soul GIVEAWAY

It's no secret that I believe ART is MAGIC, and art making is magic making- alchemical, transformational & healing.  The world is needing transformational art making more than ever. It is ne...