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Game On! Creating Character · 6d ago

Shifting the Narrative

I responded to a Facebook post by Donald Maass, of Donald Maass Literary Agency, with this observation: "My hobby horse is that writers, and other entertainers, are responsible for the messa...
Game On! Creating Character · 1w ago

Love or Money?

This week, I am over at the Blood Red Pencil discussing whether it is worth writing even if you are not raking in the cash.
Game On! Creating Character · 2W ago

What is Tone?

Whatever genre you choose, you have to choose the tone you wish to set.What does that mean?Tone is closely connected to theme. Theme is the message you wish your reader to take away from you...
Game On! Creating Character · 3W ago

Genre and the Overall Story Problem

Last week, we talked about the importance of selecting a genre story skeleton.This week, we will look at the broad skeletons explored in Story Building Blocks that make up popular fiction. I...
Game On! Creating Character · 1M ago

Why Pick Genre First?

There are many books, websites, and articles that define genre, subgenres, and mixed genres. You can write a  Paranormal Mystery or Historical Romance.In order to sell the story and make a p...
Game On! Creating Character · 1M ago

Toxic Messages in Fiction Part 2

Last week, we began an exploration of some of the toxic messages buried in fiction and other forms of entertainment. Once you recognize them, they are easier to avoid. To reinforce, I am not...
Game On! Creating Character · 1M ago

Toxic Messages in Fiction Part 1 of 2

There are unhealthy subliminal messages contained within all genres of stories that make me cringe. Some dysfunction is necessary to make characters interesting. It is the pathologically dys...
Game On! Creating Character · 2M ago

Composing The Scene

Once you have the scene outlined, it is time to develop the content.1. Opening Line: Set up the conflict in the scene.2. First paragraphs: Orient us: where are we, when is it, who is present...
Game On! Creating Character · 2M ago

The Scene Construction Sheet

Now that you have the basic concept for your plot and have developed ideas for scenes, it is time to write them. Let's examine what constitutes a scene.A scene consists of specific character...
Game On! Creating Character · 2M ago

Layering the Plot

Once you have the premise, the antagonist, the friends, foes, and overall story problem. It is time to break it down into layers. By coming up with at least ten scene ideas for each conflict...