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Garden Exuberance · 1W ago


End of November 2017 and it is PLUS SEVENTEEN DEGREES  in Toronto.So...I plant MORE BULBS.
Garden Exuberance · 3W ago

First Snowfall

Garden Exuberance · 3W ago

Cacti Colour

Garden Exuberance · 1M ago

Late Season Colour

The chill is in the air but there is still lots of Life and Colour in the Garden.Excellent time to evaluate your green space and determine what's needed to make it sparkle next year. 
Garden Exuberance · 2M ago


The bees and butterflies are still working hard in the Garden.
Garden Exuberance · 2M ago

Harvest Orange

Garden Exuberance · 3M ago

She Blooms

Annabelle gave me this rose-without-a-name two years ago. She, the rose-without-a-name kept a low profile in the Garden Laboratory until now...
Garden Exuberance · 3M ago

Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

Tasty little gems from the Garden are just starting to ripen...
Garden Exuberance · 4M ago

Poison in Pretty Packaging

Ballerina Purple DaturaEvery part of this pretty trumpet flower is deadly.
Garden Exuberance · 4M ago

Add sun and water...