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Garden Rant · 1d ago

GWA/Buffalo Take-Aways by Susan Harris

Buffalo! Time for a debrief after attending the Garden Writers annual shindig held in Buff...
Garden Rant · 1d ago

Rant from the road: resort horticulture by Elizabeth Licata

Vacations are always busmens’ holidays for gardeners. Whether it’s a tropical paradise, a ...
Garden Rant · 3d ago

John Oliver Discovers the One and Only Ciscoe Morris by Susan Harris

I love this! So does the Seattle Times.
Garden Rant · 1W ago

Corner Makeover: Before and One Year Later by Susan Harris

Readers may have noticed I’m an obsessive-compulsive garden-maker, not happy with making a...
Garden Rant · 1W ago

An annual philosophy by Elizabeth Licata

Certain plants exude a message of “Don’t worry, be happy.” Others continually whine, “Maintain me!” In my garden, the easiest plants I grow are the tropical or semitropicals. They require virtually nothing, much like their brethren in my office. Once...
Garden Rant · 1W ago

Perennially Yours: Steve Still by Allen Bush

Garden Rant contributor Bob Hill came to my 60th surprise birthday party some years ago. A...
Garden Rant · 1W ago

A Botanical Translator by Thomas Christopher

Botanists speak a special language, one that is frequently unintelligible to outsiders like me.  This has frustrated me at times, for instance when I’ve tried to use a botanical key or field manual to identify an unfamiliar plant.  Now, though, I’ve ...
Garden Rant · 2W ago

Sunflowers Rivaling Cherry Blossoms as Top Plant Attraction by Susan Harris

Here’s why I’m going out on a cherry blossom limb to assert that the humble sunflower is g...
Garden Rant · 2W ago

17 New Plants, One Aging Gardener by Bob Hill

So having just returned from a favorite nursery with 17 new plants I didn’t really need – but couldn’t live without – my mind leans toward the phenomenon of impulse buying, if not Zen and The Art of Horticultural Maintenance. Precisely what is it tha...
Garden Rant · 3W ago

Beach Town’s Transition from Gambling and Gangs to Gorgeous Gardens by Susan Harris

This week I visited North Beach, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, about 45 minutes from my ...