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Garden Walk Garden Talk · 1w ago

Niagara Falls – Snow in March

It is not so uncommon to get snow in March here on the Canadian border, but the weather was rather frightening. Snow continued for a few days, but the wind was the problem blowing drifts hig...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 1W ago

Pine Marten

Both blogs have photographs of rodents on them. Both are rather cute. Both are Canadian rodents too although the US has both in some areas of our country. This rodent is in the weasel family...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 3W ago


Traveling around Canada, I was noticing how many ducks I was seeing compared to what I have seen in the States these last few years. In 2014 to 2015 when we had a lot of snow and cold previo...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 4W ago

Red Tailed Hawk Puts on a Show

For the last few days, I have been out and about again, off in Canada and checking out local wildlife in our area. The weather is fooling a lot of birds into thinking Spring has arrived. Thi...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 1M ago

Wood Ducks, Photography and a Story

There are enough constraints to photographing wildlife without obsessively worrying about following the rules of photographic composition. There I said it! Wildlife is fast-moving and not al...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 1M ago

Nature Hikes and Photography

I have been missing from Garden Walk Garden Talk these last few weeks because… I have been traveling on nature hikes here and in Canada. Some of you have seen my wildlife pics on Nature and ...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 1M ago

White-throated Sparrow – Native Sparrow

So how do you get native birds? With Conservation Landscaping, a sustainable way to take cues from nature. I believe it is why this particular sparrow remains in Winter. There are many nativ...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 2M ago

Why Do Birds Cache ? – To Put Cache in the Bank for a Rainy Day

Did you ever notice birds hiding their seed in some really odd places? Some birds do it hundreds, even thousands of times, going back and forth with beaks full of seed. Are they like squirre...
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 2M ago

Beautiful Tundra Swans in Winter

Just because it is winter… Sometimes missing flowers is not so bad… How is the weather in your area? Tagged: Tundra Swans, Tundra Swans in Upstate NY, Tundra Swans in Winter
Garden Walk Garden Talk · 2M ago

You Still Got Robins in Winter?

I was at a park and saw about 100 robins sitting in trees with a foot of snow below. I was thinking that I wish I had some fruit to give them. Not having my camera, I went back the … Continu...