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garnish food · 3d ago

7 Garnishes With A Classic Melon Baller

Take advantege of having a melon baller by making easy and nice garnishes of fruits and vegetables. Here are 7 garnish ideas to do with the classic melon baller: This too...
garnish food · 3d ago

Pororo The Little Penguin From Fruits

Pororo the character of the Korean animation "Pororo The Little Penguin" made with orange and eggplant. A special fruit display for my little client at his bifthday.  More fruit...
garnish food · 1M ago

Chinese New Year Fruit Platters

Red and gold became the theme of our fruit platters made for the Chinese New Year event, by a customer request. We used mango, strawberry, pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon, grape and oran...
garnish food · 3M ago

Christmas Tree Made With Potatos

What is this? This is my Christmas tree made for the city Christmas Trees Event. I used potatos and cocktail straws to build this art object. Why potatos? Because this is my style. ...
garnish food · 3M ago

The 70th Birthday Anniversary

A large fruit display with a watermelon, lot of fruits and soft fruits. Made for the 70th birthday party. More birthday anniversary fruit table displays.
garnish food · 3M ago

Flower Girls On The Fruit Display

The Flowers Girls have been made of apples to decorate a fruit display at the children party. The smilimg cute faces are carved with a thai knife. If you want to learn how to create the fru...
garnish food · 5M ago

Halloween Pumpkin Contest

It is October, and it is the right time to take your knives and loop tools to sculpt a pumpkin. My blog and the friend's are having the Ha...
garnish food · 5M ago

Get A Discount Coupon - 15% Off

October is a wonderful time of the year. Everything is amazing about October - changing leaves, comfortable clothes, pumpkins, festivals, and Halloween. Let celebrate this time. Let than...
garnish food · 7M ago

Zentangle Fish Soap Carving

Zentangle soap carving My new soap carving souvenirs made for the city fair. I used some zentangle art ideas to carve the fish. The word in the soap means Sakhalin, the name of my islan...
garnish food · 7M ago

Bride And Groom Watermelon Display

Bride and groom watermelon carving One of my latest work is the wedding display with a bride and groom image carved in watermelon. Where are fruits, carved apples, and big red and yellow ...