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Gathering Dust · 10M ago

Old Summit Antique Show This Saturday September 8

Just wanted to let you know I'll be selling at the Old Summit Antique Show at the John Knox Pavilion in Lee's Summit MO this Saturday. I'd love to see you there!
Gathering Dust · 11M ago

Junking and Favorite Vintage Finds

Remember the "good old days" when I used to shop for a few hours on Fridays mornings and do a Friday evening or Saturday posts about all the good stuff I found? (You might not remember it th...
Gathering Dust · 11M ago

Summer Goings on at My Antique Booth

I really don't like blog posts that start with "Sorry I been away from my blog" or "Gee, it's been a long time since I've posted"...but both are true statements for me, so I'm easing back in...
Gathering Dust · 1Y ago

An Anthropologie Inspired Afghan, Floral Embroidery, a Quilt-adori and Playing with Paint

Just a random crafting update... I love flowers- doesn't everyone? And I love embroidering...
Gathering Dust · 1Y ago

Crafting Update First Quarter 2016

Other than pages from one journal, I haven't shown a crafting update on my blog this year....and I have been crafting. I craft in some way or other every day. Sometimes just a bit of knitting or stitching or doodling,...
Gathering Dust · 1Y ago

Dogs Rule...Especially Vintage Dogs

In my last post I said something about my house being like a frat, but it's probably close...
Gathering Dust · 1Y ago

Does This Bookcase Make My Butt Look Big?

About a year and half ago I made my first ever trip to Ikea. I came home a changed person....
Gathering Dust · 1Y ago

Coronado Side Trips

picture from the Hotel del Coronado website While we were on our "heiress" vacation, it wa...
Gathering Dust · 1Y ago

A Downton Abbey Heiress Getaway

A couple months ago I posted about the "heiress" Downton Abbey themed art getaway that Kar...
Gathering Dust · 1Y ago

Crafting Keeps You Sane

My niece gave me a notebook that said "Crafting Keeps You Sane" and after a hectic January at work, I agree more than ever. I've been working long hours and by the time I get home it's either too dark...