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gaycarboys · 1d ago

Our favourite Bear, Rob, drives a Subaru Outback, outback

Subaru can justifiably lay claim to the fact that they started the AWD SUV revolution way back in the last century. It was in the 70’s with the Subaru Leone AWD wagon. This has now seen, in ...
gaycarboys · 5d ago

Our Favourite Bear, Rob, drives Holden’s Colorado

Holden has appealed to the adventurous lifestyle drivers with their Colorado Z71 special edition. The Holden Colorado Z71 is based on the Colorado LTZ 4×4 Crew-Cab pick-up, but adds a long l...
gaycarboys · 1W ago

Land Rover Discovery driven in the Balangalo National Park

We’ve been waiting a long time to see Land Rover’s new Disco. It didn’t disappoint. It is smooth, and takes off-roading to a new high, in the lap of luxury. With adjustable air suspension, l...
gaycarboys · 1W ago

Watch us drive VW’s mega safe uber-cruiser, the Arteon

We drove the VW Arteon in and around Hobart, Tasmania. Some of these roads are among Australia’s best kept secrets. They twist and turn through gorgeous rolling hills, past scenic waterfalls...
gaycarboys · 1W ago

have a look at our WR STI vids

We drive the Subaru WRX STI. You can see them here.  
gaycarboys · 1W ago

The Sexy REX STI: Subaru’s masterpiece.

2018 Subaru WRX STI review Since Subaru peeled off the WRX (World Rally eXperimental) from the rest of the Impreza range, it has stood alone and unique in the Subaru Range. STI (Subaru Tecni...
gaycarboys · 1W ago

We demo the 2018 automated safety systems

This must be one of the cleverest things we’ve ever seen. Not only will the car keep en eye out, but the radar, cameras, and computer will safely steer you to the side of the road and stop. ...
gaycarboys · 2W ago

VW Arteon. Silly name, fabulous car.

2018 VW Arteon Launch This beautiful leggy 5 door execu-hatch replaces the VW CC, which was renamed from the Passat CC. The name is made up of the words “Art”, because the car is a work of a...
gaycarboys · 1M ago

Why we like Mazda’s cute baby Mazda2

Read about it here, and watch yet another video!  
gaycarboys · 1M ago

Kia freshens its Fab Sorento

    Read all about it here, as well as a video review of the launch in the Blue Mountains Australia