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Deborah Leanne Dahl

Reads about: politics, conservative, constitution, political, life

Tim Malone Tim Malone

IT Network Manager, Orthodox Conservative LDS, Blogger, Patriot, Catastrophist


Reads about: mormon, lds, mormonism, religion, book of mormon

Travis Grant

Reads about: conservative, political, lds, book of mormon, utah

Carl Wimmer

Reads about: political, conservative

Monte Bateman

Reads about: conservative, political, politics, utah

Ken Ivory

Reads about: politics, utah, conservative, political, legislature

Trenton Hansen

Reads about: conservative, politics, utah, political, conservatism

Bradley Reneer

Reads about: conservative, political, politics, utah

Deidre M. Henderson

Reads about: political, conservative, scrapbooking, crafting, life

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