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Gear Up For Fitness · 2d ago

What I Learn From Peaking…

As I start peaking for the Earth Rock Half marathon this Sunday, I started to reflect the last 4 months of training which have been tough at times. I started the year with an injury that wou...
Gear Up For Fitness · 5d ago

Technology Goes Bonkers

Today runners and triathletes have so much technology in front of them but it is how you use it with old school. My technology for my workouts is Garmin 920xt which displays […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1w ago

What another hill?

Yesterday’s run was tough but the 4th mile I finally had good kick and speed. A course the last mile is all up hill. Living on one the famous hills in our […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1W ago

Tough It Out

Today’s workout on my training plan is tempo run of 5-6 miles. Woke up with sinus headache but I know the run will make me feel better. The weather looks cloudy and […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1W ago

A New Start

Every month our team leader of I Race Like A Girl, Angela Naeth comes up with monthly team challenges. This month, April, is “What I did well today, what can I improve?”. It […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 2W ago

Tough Week but End on High Note

My week started on the downside with breakup with boyfriend but ended on high note. We all go through roller coasters in our lives but it has we handle it and what […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1M ago

Benefit For Women Being Physically Fit

Today, in my email this was posted “Physically fit women are 90% less likely to develop dementia, study claims”.  We all know being physically fit .has many benefits but this study adds […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 3M ago

8th Annual Indoor Triathlon for Hurricane Relief

Yesterday was the 8th Annual Indoor Triathlon for Hurricane Relief Race #1. It was a success with 6 waves of 45 triathletes completing the event Thank you to the volunteers and triathletes m...
Gear Up For Fitness · 4M ago

8th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series for Hurricane Relief

It is time to think about your goals for 2018 races. If it include triathlons, the 8th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series for Hurricane Relief are perfect to test your endurance or check out […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 4M ago

Thankful for the Holidays and Reflection

Let the holidays be a positive time for you. Reflect back on your races but how people touch you during your race season. This year, I trained with a great group of […]