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Gear Up For Fitness · 5d ago

Healing and Recharging

My injury may have stop my running but it has recharge me. Why I am saying recharge? Mentally, I was drained to run another step and train for another long distance race. […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1W ago

Girl Power!

Today was our girl group weekend run. I knew Kim, Colleen, Jackie, Diana and Priscilla were planning to run 8-10 miles. I was going to run the Ghost Trail to test my hip/glute […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1W ago

Do I , Do I not?

That is a question many athletes ask when you get injured. Last week, I had hard fast run but decided to do some running drills which put my left Sacroiliac joint and […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1M ago

My Running Music for Today’s Run

When I run on the roads and trails, my music is my mind. The past couple of weeks news,  made all our heads spin with many emotions. But today’s run, I couldn’t stop […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 2M ago

Lessons Learned

Last Sunday, I was to compete in the Pumpkinman Olympic Triathlon. Got my number and swag bag Friday night. Pack the car with bike and tri bag. But the strange thing was […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 3M ago

It is that age thing?

My night time bed reading is Fast After 50 by Joe Friel. Joe has a whole chapter on Rest and Recovery. Since all my triathlete and running friends that I train together […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 3M ago

Back on Track For The Next Race,

Dam Triathlon July 8th Training with these ladies has made triathlon training fun this year and less stressful. We all support each other with each one having different goals. Last Sunday, [...
Gear Up For Fitness · 4M ago

Curve Balls in Life

I don’t know anyone that has a perfect life. There will be curve balls but it is how you react. Many know about my toxic levels of Vitamin D which is rare. […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 6M ago

Perfect Weather Perfect Race

Yesterday, we couldn’t have asked for better weather to run Earth Rock Half Marathon.  2 missing in the picture are Brenda running Big Sur Marathon and Priscilla running her first marathon N...
Gear Up For Fitness · 6M ago

What Did I Learn Today?

Not every workout is going to be good, as I explain to Dan. I am coaching Dan to train for his first triathlon, Eagleman Half Ironman. Checking in, he said yesterday he felt […]