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Gear Up For Fitness · 3d ago

Lessons Learned

Last Sunday, I was to compete in the Pumpkinman Olympic Triathlon. Got my number and swag bag Friday night. Pack the car with bike and tri bag. But the strange thing was […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1M ago

It is that age thing?

My night time bed reading is Fast After 50 by Joe Friel. Joe has a whole chapter on Rest and Recovery. Since all my triathlete and running friends that I train together […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 1M ago

Back on Track For The Next Race,

Dam Triathlon July 8th Training with these ladies has made triathlon training fun this year and less stressful. We all support each other with each one having different goals. Last Sunday, [...
Gear Up For Fitness · 2M ago

Curve Balls in Life

I don’t know anyone that has a perfect life. There will be curve balls but it is how you react. Many know about my toxic levels of Vitamin D which is rare. […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 4M ago

Perfect Weather Perfect Race

Yesterday, we couldn’t have asked for better weather to run Earth Rock Half Marathon.  2 missing in the picture are Brenda running Big Sur Marathon and Priscilla running her first marathon N...
Gear Up For Fitness · 4M ago

What Did I Learn Today?

Not every workout is going to be good, as I explain to Dan. I am coaching Dan to train for his first triathlon, Eagleman Half Ironman. Checking in, he said yesterday he felt […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 5M ago

Be Smart on the Bike

Spring is here in New England with warmer weather coming which more people biking. Safety should be on the mind of all cyclists and everyone on the road. A friend and I […]
Gear Up For Fitness · 5M ago

Earth Rock Half Marathon Practice Run

Tomorrow at 8 AM, there will be group running the Earth Rock Half Marathon course in Amesbury.  We will start at Water Street lower parking lot in Amesbury. Pam asks that anyone interested [...
Gear Up For Fitness · 5M ago

What is the Voice In Your Head Saying?

Yesterday, Outside magazine had an interesting article, “The Voice In Your Head Will Make You a Better Runner.” Today, so many runners run with music because of the iPods and smartphones. Bu...
Gear Up For Fitness · 5M ago

What is Your Special Place

Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes have special place that they can go to unwind. Last year, when I moved to live on Lake Gardner, I realized I was steps away from running on […]