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Mimi Lenox Mimi Lenox ~ Founder of the Peace Globe Movement ~ BlogBlast For Peace. I am a single pencil skirt l...

Reads about: cats, humor, politics, life, pets

Betty Luckhurst

Reads about: photography, scenery, photographs, life, gardening

Norma Ruttan a Christian mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother; a retired teacher and a blogger

Reads about: photos, poetry, spiritual, memes, photography

Esther Garvi

Reads about: africa, nature, life, sustainable aid, photos

Anna Adanir Shopping, family, photo

Reads about: fashion, scrapbooking, family, photos, microfiction

Birgitta Rudenius

Reads about: politik, foto, macro, media, photography

Blossom Vydrina

Reads about: photography, poetry, pagan, nature, spirituality

Jesh Stg Art has a great deal to say about our worldview as well as issues of the time we live in. Most of my...

Reads about: nature, life, photography, art, writing

Gemma Wiseman

Reads about: poetry, haiku, books, writing, photos

Terri Sutton Buster

Reads about: genealogy, photography, family history, primitive, nature

Ruth Kelly

Reads about: photography, foto, humor, entertainment, microfiction

Linda Walcroft

Reads about: virginia, shenandoah, photos, poetry, health

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