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Geotripper · 9h ago

Liveblogging the Deluge: Checking out the Spillway at Don Pedro Reservoir

It's probably not too hard to figure out what happened. I get home from a five day trip on...
Geotripper · 1d ago

Liveblogging the Deluge: Big Changes on the Tuolumne River

Geotripper · 1w ago

Liveblogging the Deluge: San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge - What a difference a few months made (and Rabbits)

The San Joaquin River at the National Wildlife Refuge in November 2017Just a few months ag...
Geotripper · 1W ago

Liveblogging the Deluge: A Tuolumne River Update, and Scenes on the San Joaquin

The travails at Oroville Dam are appropriately dominating the news this week as nearly two hundred thousand people remain isolated from their homes as the operators work to temporarily shore up the failing spillways at the lake. It should not be forg...
Geotripper · 1W ago

Liveblogging the Deluge: Reflections on the Events at Oroville Dam. What Will it Take to Change Things?

This picture is on the San Joaquin River, not the Feather. It's a metaphor for floods all ...
Geotripper · 1W ago

Liveblogging the Deluge: Meanwhile, Back at the Local Dam...Don Pedro Reservoir Today

With all the attention being directed at Oroville Dam today with the broken spillway, it's...
Geotripper · 1W ago

Liveblogging the Deluge: The Concerns (Panic?) at Oroville Dam, a Story We've Seen Before

The graphic above (from the Los Angeles Times, Google Earth, and the California Dept. of W...
Geotripper · 2W ago

Half Dome Makes a Surprise Appearance on the Floor of the Great Valley Today

It doesn't happen for me all that often, maybe because of air pollution, or the fact that ...
Geotripper · 2W ago

Pseudoscience, Scientific Illiteracy and the Greatest Human Journey. What to do?

How many people do you know? How many of them are scientists?Wait a did THAT happen??Many people do not know scientific researchers in their everyday lives, and that is a situation that seriously needs to change. There is a massive amoun...
Geotripper · 2W ago

Lady Gaga, Woody Guthrie, and the Times We're Living In

Lady Gaga has never been mentioned in my blog before, but she earned my deepest respect ye...