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ghostman topics and tales written by myself and researched by me
ghostman · 1d ago

St georges day via wiki

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ghostman · 2d ago

Meet the Sea Nomads

Researchers have discovered the first evidence that people can genetically adapt to deep diving, as shown by the unusually large spleens in indigenous people of Indonesia known as the “Sea N...
ghostman · 3d ago

Holsworthy Mark show presents Paranormal investigations owensboro Kentucky ..episode 479

ghostman · 4d ago

Holsworthy Mark Show take part in behind the scenes of Holsworthy mark show...episode 474

ghostman · 6d ago

Behind the scenes of Holsworthy mark show link

Follow this link to behind the scenes of Holsworthy mark show..a mini series of short but sweet podcast s...Behind the scenes of Holsworthy mark showIt's a concept like a web series for podc...
ghostman · 1W ago

Art Bell, Weird Radio Pioneer, Passes Away at 72-r.i.p

If you’ve ever heard anyone riffing on a weird radio show full of wild conspiracy theories, you’ve heard of Art Bell.The radio personality, born in 1945 in North Carolina, was the pioneering...
ghostman · 1W ago

Holsworthy Mark show talking to Steven and Elizabeth Custalow of intutive insight episode 335

ghostman · 1W ago

What do we know about time? Language tells us that it “passes”, it moves like a great river, inexorably dragging us with it, and, in the end, washes us up on its shore while it continues, un...
ghostman · 1W ago

Holsworthy mark show #tag episode 325

ghostman · 1W ago


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force ener...