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Gina Alfani · 2W ago

June already?

It has been a whirlwind of months!  Learning new jewelry design techniques, purchasing supplies, setting up new work areas, planning/designing new jewelry collections and getting ready to be...
Gina Alfani · 1M ago

Time Slips By Way Too Fast!

Time flies by when you are having fun! I'm working on a new phase of my jewelry business which has also become a much loved hobby. Working with clay is now competing with making soap.  At th...
Gina Alfani · 3M ago

Spring is here!

The arrival of spring has got me all excited about garden projects.  I've written about some of those DIY projects in my gardening blog, Subtropical Gardening.DIY Hypertufa Plant ContainersD...
Gina Alfani · 3M ago

Welcome March!

The arrival of March inspires thoughts of Spring in Florida.  The landscape is still green since we have had no freezing temps this year and daytime temps have been in the 70's and 80's, so ...
Gina Alfani · 4M ago

Wacky Politics and Other Happenings

Wacky politics has really entertained me this week . . . the leaks, accusations of fake news and a press conference that toyed with the press.  The next four years will probably follow suit ...
Gina Alfani · 4M ago

Real Hope and Change

We are well into winter and have only had one or two nights of needing the heat on.  It has been like springtime this week!  Gotta love living in Florida . . .I'm feeling much better since t...
Gina Alfani · 5M ago

New beginnings

Happy New Year!Since I settled into taking the holidays off from blogging and slowed down my internet activities, I'm finding it difficult to get back into the swing of
Gina Alfani · 6M ago

Domestic Goddess?

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JULY 2014IN LABELLADIVA.COMRanting alert about cable television food, home and gardening programming!I long for the days when Martha Stewart was the domestic goddess and...
Gina Alfani · 6M ago

Cinco de Mayo 2014

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED MAY 2014IN LABELLADIVA.COMGot plans for the big party day?  The Captain and I will prepare a special meal and spend a quiet day at home.We have continued planning and wo...
Gina Alfani · 6M ago

Some Thoughts From May 2014

ORIGINALLY POSTED MAY 2014IN LABELLADIVA.COMSeems like since I was hit by that nasty flu or virus, whatever you want to call it, I have not been able to pick myself back up.  I've heard from...