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girl at large · 1M ago

Living with Pat

"Here, take these underwear, they are too big for me." "Are you saying I'm fatter than you?" "No, I just know they are too big for me." Lifts up enormous granny panties (or as she used to ca...
girl at large · 2M ago

Home Fires

In a stunning reversal, I like my house and hate my husband. Ok, so that's too strong, but I'm cranky this morning. And we're not seeing eye to eye. But, like all our marital storms, this on...
girl at large · 2M ago

Retro Christmas

“I want a pogo stick and a scooter and a black and red watch” -Viv to Santa
girl at large · 2M ago

Monumental Decisions

I was not made for home ownership. I prefer to move every two years or so, changing my view of the town I live in, if not the town itself, downgrading or upgrading as needed. Despite my love...
girl at large · 2M ago


It's time again for the annual "What are you grateful for" proclamation. Like New Years resolutions, I don't get it. I'm grateful every day for friends and family and all the little things, ...
girl at large · 4M ago

All The Little Things

When I wore my favorite dress on my birthday and forgot that the fourth grade teacher did "birthday spankings". He made me crawl through the "spank machine" of my classmates legs as they pad...
girl at large · 4M ago

Fall Back

Viv was born five years ago, or just yesterday, depending on how much sleep you've gotten. My emotions have been heavy these past weeks, heavier each passing week as the daylight dwindles. F...
girl at large · 4M ago

Location, Location, Location

Viv: "When I grow up I want to marry Miss Tia" Mama: "Where will you live when you and Miss Tia are married?" Viv: "Why not right here, this house is great!" Mama: "This is mama and papa's h...
girl at large · 4M ago

My Balance Is My Own Damned Business

"By a show of hands, how many here this morning are married?" "Again by a show of hands, how many of you have kids?" This is not a family event. This is not a parenting class. This is not a ...
girl at large · 5M ago

Things I Learned In Kindergarten. Or, Why Working Parents Lose Their Shit.

Registering Viv for kindergarten was frustrating. I first signed her up back in June, at the appointed time, bringing a file with our residency documents her vaccination records, birth certi...