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GirlieGirl Army · 8h ago

Finally: An Exquisite, Eco-Friendly and Chic Affordable Floral Delivery Service

Our options for sending flowers has been basically truncated to pulling flowers out of our...
GirlieGirl Army · 8h ago

Enter To Win A BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat, A Safety Must-Have for Kids Ages 4-11

Parents, are you looking for a way to keep your kids ages 4-11 safe and comfy during all c...
GirlieGirl Army · 1W ago

Resolutions To Help Your Home Get Organized In The New Year

The New Year has arrived and people everywhere are deciding on which lifestyle changes the...
GirlieGirl Army · 1W ago

They Wanted Me To Take Animal Rights Out Of My Book About Animals In The Fashion Industry

I’ve spent the last five years writing a book about animals in the fashion industry. Many ...
GirlieGirl Army · 2W ago

Despite A Deeply Divided Country, Survey Finds Americans Agree On One Thing: Saving The Planet

Despite a country deeply divided along social and political lines, a new survey finds most...
GirlieGirl Army · 4W ago

A Parenting Holiday Survival Guide

Disrupted schedules, traveling with little ones, the crash and burn from all the excitemen...
GirlieGirl Army · 4W ago

What We Miss When We Label The #Metoo Movement A Witchhunt

I don’t want to see anyone “go down”. I don’t like dredging up old hurts in my life or anyone else’s as a flag of Continue Reading » The post What We Miss When We Label The #Metoo Movement A Witchhunt   appeared first on GirlieGirl Army.
GirlieGirl Army · 1M ago

I Pretended To Be A Man To Grow My Woman-Owned Company

It’s still not easy to be a female business owner. I founded my company 7 years ago after leaving the nonprofit sector and a school I Continue Reading » The post I Pretended To Be A Man To ...
GirlieGirl Army · 1M ago

30 Unexpected And Excellent Girlie Gifts That You Can Order On Amazon Prime Now

You are not alone if you wait until the last minute to get your gifts, but in the age of Amazon Prime, there’s no longer Continue Reading » The post 30 Unexpected And Excellent Girlie Gifts...
GirlieGirl Army · 1M ago

The Finest Vegan Men’s Shoes In The World

Joshua Katcher started his vegan men’s style blog The Discerning Brute a decade ago, and s...