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Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 3d ago

Global ritual to bind Donald Trump and those who abet his actions (version 2.1-ish)

[This is a ritual that has been making the circuit on social media--a global ritual to bind Trump and those aiding him--original author unknown.]To be performed at midnight on every waning c...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 4d ago

Sealing the directions using IAO (reblogged from Nick Farrell)

Nick Farrell wrote: For a while I wondered why in the Sepher Yetzirah it refers to God by the name יהו instead of the more traditional tetragrammaton. This might be because the writer was us...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 6d ago

Bind Trump bizarre ritual (Why the spike?)

Overnight, this video (my July 4th 2016 video) had a spike in views overnight. And I have no idea why...beyond the fact that I have heard that there might be a serious "bind Trump" global wi...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 1w ago

Demon in charge of the universe (Death to the Great Gherkin)

Your average well-educated modern person ignores the world of the occult. This is probably for the best, for people who examine the world of the occult too closely sometimes start to notice ...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 1W ago

Should liberal journalists be burned at the stake? Hardcore Trump supporters say yes!

Congratulations America for making it to week four of Trump's first term as President. Yes...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 1W ago

Is this the cover? (Death to the Great Gherkin)

Might be a temporary cover, or maybe not--who knows.I am having far too much fun with this project.
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 2W ago

Five things that you might find in your guru’s trunk (Death to the Great Gherkin)

One of the more telling pieces of evidence that your guru, spiritual teacher, Chief Adept, Mother Witch, Supreme Shaman, or whatever term that you call them, might be a murdering bitch or ba...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 2W ago

Meet the Great Gherkin (from a work-in-progress)

For those who do not know the Great Gherkin, we will now take a moment to tell you how wonderful, skilled and learned the man is. Or rather we will allow the Great Gherkin to serenade you wi...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 3W ago

My latest death threat (and my beta reader thought I was kidding)

(The first thing that greeted me this morning on Facebook was a death threat.) Matt Brensk...
Gleamings From the Golden Dawn · 3W ago

Aces wild (the life of a writer in Ace form)

Previous/ Master List/ Next Welcome to the 41st Tarot Blog Hop. Yes, that is right--this is the first Tarot Blog Hop of year six. The very first Tarot Blog Hop happened way back in Imbolc 2012, oh how times flies. Over the course of the last five yea...