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Glitterbabe · 1d ago


well, i'd say time sure flies but then, i ALWAYS say that.  however, this week, it did bec...
Glitterbabe · 1W ago

Mixed bag of October

...and here we are in the MIDDLE of october already!  the weather has been typically fall and even without rain the leaves are starting to change.... to they are not very vibrant, but they c...
Glitterbabe · 1W ago

Hello October

ok.  i'll say it AGAIN.... boy time flies!  the ONLY thing i'm not liking about october so far is... it's 5 weeks long.  that hurts a bit when you're on a pension.  otherwise.... i LOVE octo...
Glitterbabe · 3W ago

A Wedding & a Meeting

well, the weather for the end of september has been gorgeous.  house is all opened up.  the leaves are starting to turn, but we have had no rain - almost to the point of drought, so the leav...
Glitterbabe · 4W ago

Goodbye September

well, here i go saying it again.... time just flies.  september came and went .... or is just about "went".  geeze.  did i accomplish anything?  sure i did.  is it worth mentioning?  probabl...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago


Glitterbabe · 1M ago


boy september is flying by.  but then, i say that every month.  not much going on.  i clea...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Blue Ribbon Birthday

my heart and prayers go out to TEXAS and FLORIDA and any other state / country hit by storms and/or disasters.  so far where i am at the weather has been gorgeous!!!  we are blessed and my p...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago


my-o-my.  did august zip by?  seems like it just stayed a little while and not a whole month.  my mother was RIGHT!!!  the older you get, the faster time flies. september has arrived.  my ho...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Fall is in the Air

welcome to the last week in august!  boy this month zoomed by!  weather is fall-like and the house has been opened up almost all week.  if only it would be like this all the time (dreamer ri...