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Glitterbabe · 1W ago

Hello May

i think mother nature's imposter has finally caught on as to what "spring" should be.  the grass is green (and too long if you ask me - tho i DO pay a service to take care of it); the temps ...
Glitterbabe · 3W ago


well, april is just about gone and there's absolutely NOTHING going on in my life that i get to post about!  other than the weather - which, in my opinion, mother nature died and an imposter has taken over; and the hatred and dissent that's been goin...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Just Saying Hi

i hope you all had a fun filled, very blessed easter.  mine was great as always!  my granddaughter came to service with me and actually said she was glad she went (what a blessing!); then i took her home and we all had easter dinner.  i am truly bles...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Happy Easter

wishing you all a very happy and very blessed easter!!!!
Glitterbabe · 2M ago

The Middle of March

well the Ides of March passed without incident.... or news for that matter.  not a mention of it did i see or hear anywhere. up to now, i've been busy.  my mojo has been great and my card stash is growing.friends from church invited me and a friend t...
Glitterbabe · 2M ago

Happy March and Changes

hello and happy March.  time sure, here's what's been going on....i have thought about closing my blog, but then figured i'd keep it open just in case i want to play in some challen...
Glitterbabe · 3M ago

Working on Easter

well we got about 14 inches of snow.  i was house bound 3 full days.  finally got out and ...
Glitterbabe · 3M ago

Happy February

once again, time has flown; but that's ok.  another day closer to spring - in my book!absolutely nothing has been going on in my life.  i'm house-bound, but of my own choosing.  i hate the c...
Glitterbabe · 3M ago

End of January

and now we are about at the end of january.  yep.  it zoomed by.  time goes by faster and ...
Glitterbabe · 4M ago

Middle of January

well is it now almost half way thru janurary.  another month that's flying by.  the weathe...