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Glitterbabe · 1W ago


well i'm still congested but there's no coughing and it has not gone to my chest.  i feel ok just stuffy.  weather has been on the cool side and i'm enjoying the longer daylight.keeping busy adding things to my etsy store.  please stop by and check i...
Glitterbabe · 2W ago


still congested after a week.  itchy nose and alot of sneezing is driving me nuts... and today we have snow.  expected 4-6".  don't care other than i have to shovel my back deck for puppy bu...
Glitterbabe · 2W ago

Card Files Done!

finally got my card files done.  what a chore!  about as bad as me reorganizing my stamps!  geeze louize! now i've got a congestion.  weather is mild.  we had a few storms but the temps are ...
Glitterbabe · 3W ago

A Whirlwind February

happy march.  i've been working on my cards for this entire week trying to make them presentable in my etsy store (yes, i've re-opened it) and for when my website finally gets up and running...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Happy is the Home

the weather here has be beautiful!  in the 60s.. we even hit 70.  the house has been opene...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Colorful Heart

well another week gone.  hope your valentine's day was SWEET.  mine was quiet!not much else going on.  i've been working on my card file because i'm working on a website on which to sell them.  soooooooooo time consuming.the weather has been gorgeous...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

happy valentine's day

hope your day is filled with love, fun and chocolate!
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Audrey Hepburn

well the week flew by - as they always do.  the weather has been mild but we did get a dusting of snow.  nothing to write about there.  not much else going on.mojo has been good and i've bee...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Duct Tape

it's been a hectic week.  2 of my accounts were hacked.  good thing i get alerts and was able to close the accounts without hassles.  it's a very scary situation to be in.  changing passwords is about as time-consuming and aggravating as knowing you ...
Glitterbabe · 1M ago

Happy February

well january went by in the blink of an eye!  that old saying is true... the older you get, the faster time flies!  my time is just about at warp speed at this point!  geeze louize!  i still...